Saturday, May 21, 2016

Potty Training Hasn't Killed Me...Yet

So I see that just two posts ago (last August) I wrote about the challenging beginning to our potty training journey. I hear my frustration back then, but what's funny is that I was only 3 or 4 weeks in! Nine months later, Dylan is still not "potty trained." Really. It's been a long and crazy road. We've had special meetings at school to discuss his progress or lack thereof since all kids who go there are supposed to be potty trained.

I've been sad, frustrated, elated, hopeful, and beyond embarrassed over these last 9 months. We've had recent days at school where there are 4 bags of dirty undies waiting for us outside the front door. It's like a walk of shame for me every day.

But this is a good week! Dylan has initiated his own poops 4 times this week (two of which were a little late, but close...) we had three days at school with no accidents at all! He gets really excited to tell everyone "I had no accidents!"

So like I've felt at other points, I feel close.

The hardest thing has been trying to keep the process positive for Dylan especially since he has a ton of different caregivers in his life. We've had to back off many many times. We do not make him sit ever unless we are about to go somewhere and it's been a very long time since he peed. (Pee has been mostly fine from the get go, although he did pee in the pantry just last week.)

I have no advice except to keep it positive on all ends, but I did want to share our journey. Besides the NICU, this is the absolute hardest parenting issue we've dealt with. Luckily he's basically just a joy and an easy kid in just about every other way.


  1. We're in a similar boat with He-Beat. 3 attempts at initiating and 3 times backing off. We're working with the teachers a lot on this, but it is hard when you hear others who had zero issue training and/or were out of diapers before age 2.

    You're absolutely right about staying positive and encouraging the desired behavior. So kids just take a bit longer with this (and boys are harder to train). Glad to hear this week was a good one. May the next one and all the ones afterwards be good too.

  2. I imagine this part of toddlerhood/childhood is difficult for the kids. I heard that it just clicks for the cold, and there is nothing we as parents can do. My first went totally trained day and night shortly after his 4th birthday. It was like he finally said "I want big boy underwear all the time". For our second, he's been in big boy underpants since shortly after 2.5 years. He can hold his pee. It sounds like an old man peeing in the morning. Hang in there!!

  3. I love your posts :) I think staying positive is the best thing you can do :) So glad to hear that other than the poop situation you're doing well!

  4. Similar journey. Potty trained at home, scared of toilets anywhere else. He also refuses to wear underwear. Meanwhile his 16m old brother pees on potty no problem. I have no idea what to make of it. ;)

    It is a journey, patience training for parents and kids can do it just fine when they are ready. We'll get there :)

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