About Us

We thought deciding to have a baby was the hardest step in the baby-making process, but boy we were wrong.  As analytical and intelligent people, Mr. GG and I thought we could figure it out, but after 10 months of trying unsuccessfully, we slowly sought outside help.  You can read about it on our "TTC Timeline."

We deal with everything with a sense of humor and I couldn't ask for a better support in Mr. GG.  And we know that in the words of Tim Gunn, we will "Make it work!"

Basic Medical Info:
Diagnostic Tests:
  • Day 3 Bloodwork for me - normal\
  • HSG - normal
  • Ultrasound - thin uterine lining
  • Semen Analysis - 4% normal morphology (14% is ideal, 8% is average)
Other symptoms:
  • I spot typically 3 days before AF shows (never happened while on BC or prior to)
Medical steps:
  • 3 50mg Clomid IUI cycles (with baby aspirin, 4mg Folic Acid, a pre-natal, and 6 mg Estrogen)
  • IVF. Antagonist Protocol (Bravelle/Menopur/Cetrotide).


  1. Hi there! I was looking around for an email address for you but couldn't find one. When you get a minute, would you mind emailing me at Maria@lifelossandotherthings.com ? I would like to ask you something!

  2. Hi there! You sound like us!! seriously...I have everything but the thin lining (that I know of...) and I also do have one blocked tube from the hsg test...but otherwise, my day 3 bloodwork was perfectly fine and I usually spot 2 days before AF...DH has MFI. Our only option is IVF. :(
    I'm also (as of now) writing my blog 'anonymously' because it is a sensitive subject...
    Anyways - can't wait to read more of your blog!

  3. I have been following your journey because my 31-year-old daughter is also suffering from infertility. I retired a year ago after 34 years of teaching English - mostly freshmen. I have a few resources left that I would be happy to share with you. Is there an email where I can send them?