Our TTC Timeline

August 2010 - Married!  Fantastic honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Stopped Loestrin BC after 11 years. (Age 30)

September - December 2010 - TTC naturally, trying to time off of cycle length.  Cycles varying from 33-40 days.  Wondering if the 40 was a chemical pregnancy.  Also wondering if we're mistiming things.

January - February 2011 - Add Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.  Get lots of high days each month.  Get a peak each month, but sometimes very late (like a week before period).

March - June 2011 - Read TCOYF; started charting BBT.  Noticing a rise each month, but doesn't exactly correlate with CBEFM peak days.  Probably mis-timed it a bit.

July 2011 - Had first official "infertility appt."  Doc ordered Day 3 labs, semen analysis, and HSG.  Said cycles were probably annovulatory (based only on length, did not look at my charts).  Totally disagree with doctor. Frustrated.  Result of labs normal for me, 4% morphology for Mr. GG. (Age 31)

September 2011 - BFP!!!  So excited, but ended in chemical pregnancy 4 1/2 days later.  Really upset.  This was the perfect month.  Did HSG later in month. (Mr. GG Age 42)

October 2011 - Tried to get Day 21 Progesterone test to deal with spotting.  Unsuccessful doctor interactions led to major breakdown. Sad.

November 2011 - Met with RE.  Decided on Clomid then possible IUI. Started 50mg Clomid, CD3-8.  No major side effects.

December 2011 -  RE appt. to check effects of Clomid, CD11.  3 follies: largest 24, smaller two around 17, lining 6mm.  Got LH surge on CD14.  Had IUI #1 on CD15. Day 21 Progesterone: 19. BFN.

Still December 2011 - Clomid Cycle 2.  Still 50 mg.  This time lining is only 5mm.  So 6mg Estradiol CD11-14, Ovidrel trigger CD12 (New Year's Eve), IUI CD14.

January 2012 - Clomid Cycle 3.  50mg.  6mg Estrace CD 8-10. 7mm lining. 21, 17, 14 follies. Trigger CD11. IUI CD12.

February 2012 - BFN Clomid Cycle 3.  Rest Cycle - no meds and re-evaluation with RE.  Probable IVF as next step.

March 2012 - IVF#1.  Redo Day 3 bloodwork.  Get STD panel.  Start Estrogen and Progesterone (in lieu of BC).

April 2012 - IVF#1.  Baseline ultrasound - all clear!  Start injections. 150 iu Bravelle, 75 iu Menopur.  (Continue prenatal, baby aspirin, 4mg Folic Acid).  Day 5: 13 follies ranging from 5mm to 11mm.

12 follicles retrieved, 9 mature.  All 9 fertilize, but 1 never grows.

Transfer 2 blastocysts (5 day transfer) on April 26th.  2 blasts make it to freeze.

May 2012 - BFP 6dp5dt!

Beta #1 233 - 9dp5dt

Beta #2 1560 - 13dp5dt

Ultrasound #1 - OMG.  There are 4 babies.  1 embryo split into identical triplets.  The other is a singleton.  Not prepared for this result!


  1. I'm SO excited to see how the Clomid goes for you this month. I have everything crossed that this will be it!

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  3. Ok, I just read this so my progesterone question is moot. :)