Friday, September 30, 2011

What 14 months TTC feels like...

Well I can’t really explain how it feels.  It totally sucks.  It makes me say things like “I hate babies” and “I quit” even though I won’t quit and a baby is all I want.
It makes me have questions every single day.  Is what I’m eating right now causing me to not get pregnant?  Is something really wrong with me (or Mr. GG) or are we just really, really unlucky?
It makes DH and I fight about sex.  Who should initiate it?  How can we make this somewhat enjoyable even though neither of us want to do it tonight in the 90 degree heat, but what if this is the day?  What if we really have mis-timed it (even though I chart) for an entire year?

I don’t stress about it all of the time, but the overall subject is always on my mind because how could it not be?  If we’re not figuring it out, we’re losing time…
There is more, but I’ll stop here.
*Originally I wrote this post after 13 months of TTC.  14 feels pretty much the same : /

Jealousy - Part 1

Jealousy.  It's one of the most complicated emotions that comes with TTC for a long time.  Everyone agrees that it's a selfish, unflattering emotion.  But, almost all of us experience it.  I like to focus my baby-envy on celebrities since their such easy targets.

There are probably tons of celebrities who have gotten pregnant and/or given birth since Mr. GG and I started trying, but a few in particular have really stoked my jealousy either because of our similar situations (besides the rich star thing).  Hilary Duff got married the same day I did.  Beyonce and Natalie Portman are just about the same age as me.  But it's normal to be jealous of celebrities right? Right? : / 

Haha...I'm 24, my ring is 14 carats, and I've got 1 bun in the oven.