Friday, March 29, 2013

How to meet single moms.

No, I don't mean moms who are parenting on their own.

I mean moms who are on their own with their babes...sans other moms.

Guess where you need to go?  Panera.

If you don't have a Panera, substitute another large relatively healthy bakery type lunch spot.

Extra points if your spot is near a Target.  Mine is.

I made this discovery on my first Perfect Wednesday, last week.  I took D to his weekly Dr. appointment, then decided to have a real lunch at my favorite place, Panera.  I had to pee when I got there, so I wheeled and maneuvered Dylan toward the bathroom.  On the way back out, another mom was on her way in with her babe and we played that game where you have to move your strollers back and forth to find the right combination to actually be able to pass eachother.  We bumps.

I ran into her again at the drink fountain.

And then again in the baby section at Target, half an hour later.

I didn't say anything because I'm chicken.  (I might've even sort of hid from her in Target...don't ask me why.)  But I did still have fantasies of us becoming Best Mom Friends.

And then I had my second Perfect Wednesday.

This time the single mom was sitting at a table near me, her infant carrier seat propped on the bench beside her.  Both my baby and hers were covered with a blanket.  She was wearing the requisite yoga pants.

But I just stalked her like the other mom and planned this blog post instead.

My BFF has a 3 month old, my sister a 9 month old, another friend a 10 month old so I'm not Desperately Seeking Mom Friends, especially since I'm going back to work in a month (sad face), but I'd still kind of like to meet someone new.

How about you?  How do you make new friends at big life transition points?  (Substitute IF friends if you like.)

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  1. I am so horribly awkward about meeting new people. I would have probably done the same thing you did, including the hiding in Target.

  2. I took one of my twins to baby time at the library over Spring Break with the fantasy of making friends with the other moms. Turns out they're already friends with each other in all of their SAHM yoga pant wearing, cloth diapered baby glory. Fail ;)

    1. Don't get me started on the uber-crunchy birthday party I went to this weekend. I want to write about it, but I don't want to start a fire. : )

  3. I'm afraid I'm, as you put it, Desperately Seeking Mom Friends but unable to really do so! As a SAHM with two under two, I haven't figured out how to get out of the house with toddler and infant in tow without a second set of hands. Add to that the fact that we just moved right before DD's birth, putting me nearly an hour away from where we used to live and socialize? And the fact that I'm just about the only person I know that's my age with kids? Practically impossible.

    So instead I stalk HB and other people's blogs...

  4. I'll let you know if it ever happens. So far, I have made one mom friend and my daughter is 18 months. It is the mother of my daughter's best friend at daycare. I do have my SIL and another friend with a kid, but for the most part, me and my toddler are on our own.