Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog Love

My Blog Roll is OLD.  Probably over a year old.

I have other blogs that I've added within the past year, but updating my feed really seems overwhelming to me.

At the same time, I'm not reading over half the blogs in my feed (my Google feed that is apparently disappearing soon...ack).  Some I just never connected fully with, others are just in a different place right now.

Since I just did ICLW, I found some new great blogs and at least one had a bunch of comments from people I consider my "blog friends."  It makes me feel like I'm missing something that everyone else knows about!  

So help me out.

What should I be reading?

And it doesn't just need to be about IF or babies...just a great voice.

So please recommend some blogs for me!  (And include big ones that you think I should I already know about. I probably don't.)  Also feel free to tell me about you : ).



  1. I've been stalking the ICLW blogs for inspiration. And you still have my OLD blog on there! :P x

  2. one that I absolutely LOVE (her writing style is awesome as is her photography) is Enjoying the Small Things over at
    I at first didn't quite jibe with it because she portrayed happy-perfect-mom with happy-perfect-ending, baby 1 a doll and baby 2 on the way. And then Nella was born with DS... and you peel back layers and see she's had multiple mc's... She's just awesome (and had her first son!) one of my all-time favorite blogs

  3. I agree with Kate. Enjoying the Small Things is one of my all time faves! I also just found SIF (Single infertile Female)...she just had the most amazing should go check her out at

  4. read mine ;) haha!
    tho i do LOVE!

  5. I really like Nat the Fat Rat over at A bit heavy on the NYC but enjoyable writing and cute photos of her little guy who's now somewhere older than 2. I also read Josie at My Cheap Version of Therapy , S at , SRB at , , and Jamie at (brand new mom so few posts), and Esperanza at Oh! and Gemini Momma at and Jules at (twin moms of toddlers)

  6. Some of the blogs I enjoy are...
    Pregnant Chicken
    The Girl in the Red Shoes
    Shue Love