Friday, June 14, 2013

True Life Snapshot: Shower

4:30 pm, Tuesday

In the car with Dylan approaching the house after a 30 minute car ride.  (We are in the middle of 30-40 minute nap wake-up phase.)

Go home?  Or keep driving past and go to the Drive-Thru Starbucks to give Dylan some extra nap time?

Hmm...already at my caffeine quota for the day and don't want to eat a Salted Caramel Cake Pop today because I'm preparing for bikini season (kill me now).

I pull into the drive way expecting Dylan to wake up once we get inside and he stops moving.

But I REALLY want to take a shower.

Maybe I'll take him upstairs with me and hop in.  If I keep him in the car seat, maybe I'll have 5 minutes of sleep and then he can cry for just a few minutes while I finish up.

Shampoo done.  Conditioner done.

Dog starts barking.  EFFFFFFF!!!!!! crying.

Body Wash done.  Face wash done.  Is that a cry?  Crane neck toward sound.  Open shower an inch or two to make sure I'm hearing correctly.  Nope.  Just my imagination.

Starting to enter the stress-release phase of the shower wherein I stretch my neck and back while really hot water runs down it.  Is this really happening right now?

Ok.  Lucky duck. You got your whole shower.  He'll wake up any second.

Turn shower off...listen for movement.  None?  Really?

Take my time drying off, putting moisturizer on my face, product in my hair.

I guess I'll get dressed.

Faint stirrings.

Dylan slowly wakes up and smiles at me while I finish pulling on a tank top.

Score!  Clean mom.  Happy baby.  And we're not even in the Twilight Zone!


  1. This made me laugh - having a shower is such a treat! Body wash? I'm jealous! But isn't it funny that even when we do get a few minutes to ourselves, we are still always straining to hear the babe!

  2. Yes, that sums it up perfectly!

  3. Hooray for success! Not looking forward to the 'desperate for a shower' phase of mommyhood - but hey...sounds like its possible!(And, Salted Caramel Cake Pop? YUM)

  4. Yes, total score! It's the little things I tell you.

  5. Love this :) And yay for peaceful showers!!

  6. Hi from ICLW. So glad you got in the shower.

  7. Love this post. So funny. Glad you got your shower! Stopping by from ICLW!! :)