Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our first vacation!

I was literally dreading our Kauai vacation. It was a perk work trip with 5 families, all with small children. Three babies under one, one toddler (17 months), a 3 year-old, an 8 year old, a 10 year old and a teenager.

We were super spoiled and got to fly on a private jet. Dylan says he'll never fly commercial :). I had visions of 5 children all screaming at the same time. But miraculously, Dylan took two naps each way and only one child had a meltdown (both flights).

Dylan slept wherever he wanted the pool. He was by far the easiest kid on the trip.

He LOVED the water. Mostly he liked looking at it and wanted to stick his face in it. (Btw, I used California Baby sunscreen and really liked it.) he was in the water every day, mostly pool, but he even played in the ocean a bit. And no poop in his swim diaper! They don't make actual swim diapers in size 2 which I think is discrimination against the little ones! But he was fine in his fabric swim diaper.

The hotel provided a pack and play type thing and they even had an infant tub which was extremely helpful. The pack and play came with sheets and a blanket and I also got a Johnson's sample pack with shampoo, body wash, lotion, powder, and desitin. I brought my own sheet anyway, but it was nice to have everything covered.

I brought our car seat which was good because Dylan felt safe and comfortable in it when we were out and about.

MrGG and I got engaged at a waterfall in Kauai 4 years ago and we were able to bring Dylan back to the spot and take some pictures which was really cool!

We had a couple of nights with adults only dinners so we used a sitter service. My first sitter was fantastic, the second not so much, but I felt really comfortable with the company and they partner with the hotel we were at.

Oh. And I dropped my cell phone down the elevator shaft. 6 stories! It fell off the stroller just as I walked in. I thought it was a goner, but after shutting down the elevators to search, the hotel engineers found it, intact, without a scratch! I couldn't believe it.

The time difference is three hours ahead and it was really confusing trying to figure out when to get Dylan to sleep so we kind of just followed his lead. He seemed to follow the sun like he does here and so his bedtime kept getting later each night. The last night was 11:30pm Pacific time! We thought we would be in for it when we got back, but he's almost sleeping better now! Kind of crazy!

So overall I would say that traveling with a 6 month old was not bad at all. The only kid who really had trouble was the toddler. She did not like being off her schedule.

I don't think MrGG will agree to another trip anytime soon, but Dylan's first was one to remember!


  1. I absolutely HATE flying. The few times I have been able to fly on private jet definitely makes the trip so much better. No long lines in airports and being crunched in seats.

    So glad Dylan did so well on that trip. I love your pictures!

  2. Wow, I am impressed! Way to go, Dylan! SUCH a cutie!

  3. what a sweet boy! i think its adorable when babies love the water. so happy!

  4. Aww we just got back from Kauai last month. So beautiful!! Glad traveling with the little one went smoothly :)

  5. Glad traveling went really smoothly with Dylan. I have only been to Maui but have heard great things about Kuaui.

  6. I 'm with you on size 2 swim diaper discrimination! What's the deal?

    Sounds like you guys had a great vacation! Yay Dylan (and yay mommy!). Love the pics (especially the family photo).

  7. Good for you travelling! Pictures are gorgeous. x