Monday, October 28, 2013

7 Minute Blogging

Otherwise titled "Why I don't have time to blog."

And it's not because I have a pre-toddler almost toddling around.

This is how my day looked.

6:45 - Leave for work. Almost late, but not quite.

7:30-2:30 - Teach kids.

2:30-3:30- Grade kids' writing while other kids help grade vocab notebooks. (it never ends...never...never...)

4:00 - Pick Dylan up from nice grandmotherly lady who is watching him until Nanny #2 starts late next week.  Yep.  Nanny #1 bit the dust.  That's a story for another blog entry.

4:30 - Thankfully take the wrong way home and pass Rubio's.  (If you're not from a state that has Rubio's, definitely get a fish taco when you're in the West!)  Get a very early fish taco since I'm hungry. So fortunate since I would not have another chance to eat for 3 hours and it probably would have been a frozen burrito.  Or cereal.

4:45-7:20 - Eat. Play. Try to get Dylan to eat. Try to keep Stella from hurting Dylan (also a story for later). Try to get Dylan to sleep without lots of crying.

7:20 - SUCCESS!  Dylan literally cried for one minute.

7:22 - Shower so as to look presentable for kids tomorrow.  Been relying on dry shampoo far too often as of late.

8:00 - Eat ice cream and drink wine and watch Revenge. (This was the original blogging slot, but wine and ice cream won out.) Trying to make sure I keep energy enough to pack Dylan for his "nanny" tomorrow since I'm single-parenting tonight.

9:00 - Wash bottles and pack Dylan's food and milk for tomorrow.

9:53 - Decide that you really do actually want to write that blog entry...before feeding Dylan again at 10.

It's 10:04 now, so I'm a little late, but this is my life (at least when I'm single-parenting).  By the way, single-parenting is no joke.  Thankfully, I usually only have 1 or 2 days at a time.  I know many moms who have weeks at a time and a few that are always single parents.  I cannot imagine how hard it is, but RESPECT ladies!

Ok 10:05.  I really do plan to blog much more.  It's just that I keep assigning these damn writing assignments so that my kiddos learn to write before they leave high school and then I have to grade all of the damn assignments and then I have no time beyond reading them and raising my son to write this blog!  Maybe I should spend less time at my other two jobs.  Just kidding.

To be continued...

And pictures of my cruising pre-toddler:

(Ack!  I edited a bit and now it's 10:16...ok, 23 minute blogging.)  


  1. Love, he is SO FLIPPING CUTE. Single parenting is hard work, man. That + working too = you are a super hero!

  2. You're doing a great job momma! I'm also an occasional single mom and it is no joke!

  3. You are awesome :) I empathize completely...sure you've seen my post too!!! lots of hugs for you!

  4. Holy, busy! My husband rarely sees the kids during the week (only on holidays/special occasions), so from M-F, I at times feel like a single parent...except that I don't also have a full-time job, and the twins go down for the night at 6-6:30 PM, so really, I can't complain! Pretty much, you're superwoman. I say, drink that wine and relax. You've definitely earned it!