Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bottle Weaning Part 2: I Changed My Mind.

The Take n Toss cups were a good transition cup for us because they were a cheap way for me to make a decision and have enough cups to have a nice rotation. But...they're cheap! Dylan bites holes in the spouts and Stella (the dog) has eaten a few of the cups whole. I made sure to hand wash them, but the newest study about the dangers of plastic reinforced my concerns that they cups break down too easily (this is based in no way on science...just my own feelings about the cups).

This morning I decided that Dylan and I would take a field trip to Home Goods. He loves to look around at stuff and do I. I'm a terrible decision maker when it comes to most things, but especially things for the house, so the only things we actually purchased were from the kid's section. I got a really cool Hape activity cube which Dylan already loves. I finally bought The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and it did a great job of amusing Dylan when he got tired of sitting. He seriously loves books.) And I bought a couple of Oxo Tot sippys that actually transition into regular cups.


They are spill-proof and it really seems to be true. I only saw a little spray when dropped really hard. But they have a really nice speed, slower than the Take and Toss cups, but not too slow. And I guess that all Oxo Tot lid types fit the same cup. So I can just buy straw cup tops when I'm ready and use the same bottom half (which has ounce and ml measurements - key for those of use who really need to keep track of what lo drinks). I got ones that have handles even though Dylan is fine without them, but they are also removable.

It's probably kind of nerdy to write a whole post about sippy cups and to actually be excited about it, but I am! I need to go back and get a couple more later this weekend! (At Home Goods, they are $2 off the Amazon price!)

And to summarize our overall bottle weaning process, it took about 2 days to be fully on sippys and it did not seem to bother Dylan too much. His total volume has decreased about 6 ounces to just 12 ounces a day which is not awesome, but it's enough and he has upped his solids intake a bit to compensate. At our last appointment, we learned that he's still stuck at 17 1/2 pounds (13.5 months adjusted, 17 actual) and has been since around Christmas. He is getting taller, which means he's getting skinnier! The doc revised her expectation for us...she now wants him to maintain 18 pounds through age 2. So we are still battling, but Dylan will eat a wide variety of foods which is great, we just need to keep pushing the volume!


  1. We have that oxo cup! I really liked the lid with the holes around the edges, it was a great transition. I love how serious D looks with the cube!

  2. I need to try these! I can seem to wean Ever from the bottle. With the move I just haven't had time to work on this! Thanks for this post!

  3. We have that cup too. I feel like we tried SO MANY different styles to find what works. My son will drink out of several but not in great quantities. His highest volume is with the Playtex version (no handles). I know what you mean about worrying about the amount - sippy cups are unnerving after months of bottles with ounces!

  4. Daxon uses that oxo straw cup, but I originally got the one without handles, and he can't reach/grab it from it's "place" on his high chair (he always puts his cup back in the little cup holder hole - so my child!). So I just ordered one with the handles, and it comes with that training lid. I can't wait to try the training lid cuz he does love to drink from our cups, but if we let him (or if he gets a hold of it) do it on his own, the water ends up all over him. So I'm excited to see if this lets him use the cup on his own! Thanks for the review!

  5. Oooh, I like these! Just starting to introduce a sippy cup...and I'm kind of a baby-gear nerd.