Friday, March 28, 2014

Super Rough Night

It must've been some kind of karma after posting my mostly good sleep post...Monday night was one of the most frustrating, scariest evenings I've had EVER.

Mr. GG was out of town, so I decided to take Dylan to Panera for dinner. First, I'm basically done with Panera after a years-long love affair. The last few times I've been have been less than satisfactory. Their kid's meals are mac n cheese or deli meat on white bread. I got ham for Dylan and subbed wheat bread, but it was just meat and a slice of American cheese. It came with go-gurt which he wouldn't touch. Next time I would just order a side of the chicken they put on salads and a fruit bowl. He did like my black bean soup though...

But that's not the story. Dylan was eating okay and wanted bites of my apples (which we've done before many times). He basically scrapes off little bits of apple where I've already eaten off the skin. But he got a bigger chunk (I think because the apple was so small) and choked. I left at the table everything and ran him outside to pound on his back. He basically resolved it himself because he was breathing fine and didn't throw up or anything after a few seconds. But my nice idea of a meal out turned into a scary, frustrating night-mare of a trip.

We sang Hullabaloo songs on the way home, got out of the car, I said "hi" to my neighbor who passed while walking her two kids.

I carried Dylan and a few other things toward the house...and then I saw Dylan's life flash before my eyes.

There are two, just two steps leading up to my front door. I completely tripped and we both fell all the way to the cement ground. It happened so fast, but I remember wondering how I could protect Dylan while falling, but I couldn't do much because it was so fast. I saw him come down, saw how close his head came to the door post. Then heard the deafening silence as he geared up for a long terrifying cry. It was the longest silence ever and I was sure he had a concussion or worse...

But when I finished calming him and checked him out, I couldn't find a mark...not one. I think I was able to turn sideways enough that I hit with my hip first and somehow kept my arms under Dylan. I lost half of my big toe nail and have a nice bruise, but luckily we are both fine.

It's just so scary how quickly bad things can happen! I have no idea why I tripped. I wasn't multi-tasking or talking or hurrying. I was just walking.

The whole thing was just such a shock and I keep replaying it over and over in my mind.

Has spontaneous fun ever turned in a disaster for anyone else?

(My favorite pic of the week...)


  1. How terrifying x2! Yikes! I'm so glad everybody is ok (except for your poor toe!). And Dylan is ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing the picture : )


  2. precious baby! I'm so nervous about tripping while holding Daniel. I wear heels every day and that's my greatest fear :( I haven't tripped yet, but I'm definitely scared to!

  3. Been there completely understand the feeling. I wasn't feeling good and was taking Reagan to the sitter. Fell up her steps and all I could see was her head snapping back. Luckily I managed to get my arm under her head so crisis averted but scary. Hoping today is better for you!

  4. What a terrible experience! So sorry. That kind of tripping is one of the persistent fears I've always had since being a mom.

  5. This post was so stressful to read, let alone actually going through it! Glad you're both (mostly) ok. I've fallen down the stairs while holding DS1 but thankfully he was ok, I got a nice butt bruise.

  6. I fell down the stairs carrying my son when he was about 8 mos old - scariest moment I have had as a parent (so far). I'm sorry you had a terrible night. Does your Panera let you do a bowl of soup for the kids' meal? We get that sometimes - I agree their kids' sandwich is pretty lame.

  7. Both things are so scary. We had a choking incident last week so scary. I was freaked out after it was all over. The threw up the ground beef before I could get her out of the high chair. The other incident was on one of our few nice days a few weeks ago I was wearing her in our Becco Gemini and triped over a heaved sidewalk and fell forward. I threw my arms arounf her as I was falling. Her head was like an inch from the sidewalk. I bruised my arm really bed and skinned my knees really bad. It was on the main road in my development but nobody saw us. I was scared and just sat on the sidewalk for a few minutes.