Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going on Vacation...Alone

And I might've been a sobbing, crying mess while walking Dylan around the block this evening. I even made him go in the carrier so I could be extra close to him.

It's weird...for me being away from him is getting harder and harder the older he gets. I didn't cry when I went back to work. But I still get to see him every afternoon... I didn't even get upset when I went out of town for a funeral last October. But that trip was rushed so I didn't have a lot of time to worry.

Now I know he will know I'm gone and it makes me horribly sad. But even worse is how much I will miss him. What new things will he start doing while I'm gone?

Also, I'm going to a super kid-friendly place...the Disney Resort in Hawaii...for a frend's wedding. And most others will be bringing their kids. :( There are lots of good reasons not to bring Dylan, 1) I'm in the wedding, therefor super busy, 2) it's still flu season and D shouldn't be flying 3) the trip is already pretty expensive.


I'm sure I'll have fun, but I'm thinking about bringing myself a lovey. Seriously. Maybe Dylan's Jelly at bear...

Oh- and planning for a trip with a toddler. No joke. I used to pack the night before...ha!

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  1. That sound like a LOVELY trip! I hope you can enjoy it. You deserve a break, especially with the AP test coming up and the mass amount of essays I'm sure you're grading ;-)

    I find it more difficult to pack when I have to pack even an overnight bag for Daniel. Always so worried I'll forget something important.