Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy, Busy

We went out of town thr last two weekends in a row so things have just been really busy. Flu season in CA ends around the end of April, so we've be slowly venturing out and about. First, a community Easter egg hunt. Then a birthday party and the Aquarium of the Pacific. It's scary getting out of our protective cocoon, but I really want Dylan to get some interaction with kids and I want him to get to do all of the other normal kid things. We skipped two winter birthday parties and have never been to Gymboree or story time at the library and I don't have a regular play group... But this summer we at branching out!

We stayed at a family member's house last weekend, with Dylan in a Pack n Play in the bathroom. Bedtime was tough but overnight was fine. This week we got a cheap suite hotel so we could watch a movie after Dylan's bedtime.

I highly recommend the Aquarium of the Pacific if you're ever in Long Beach!

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