Thursday, May 8, 2014

This guy.

Can I do a wordless Friday instead? Never mind, I can't do wordless ever...

My new favorite picture:

He gets the funniest look on his face when I put the glasses on - and then takes them immediately off.

Well and since it's Mother's Day this weekend, let me share a precious moment we had tonight. We sit in the rocker in his room before bedtime and tonight, after books, I decided to make a funny sucking sound and go after his ear. He thought it was then funniest thing I have ever done and kept leaning his ear toward me so I'd do it again and again. I will never get over the joy I feel when I hear his unrestrained giggles! 

I love being this boy's mama :)


  1. Natalie does that too! She smiles like the glasses are the coolest things ever, then rips them off because I guess she just can't handle it!

  2. Those giggles are the BEST! That happened to us a few weeks ago. I had accidentally zipped D's lotion into his pjs and I thought it was hysterical so I started cracking up, and then D did and neither of us could stop laughing. I will NEVER forget that moment.