Monday, November 3, 2014

#MicroblogMondays - Walking Pneumonia

But I guess they don't use that term any more, it's Atypical Pneumonia now. On a related note, I might have beaten the ER as a trigger. I went there for myself yesterday because I really couldn't breathe. That in itself was pretty scary, but no flash-backs. They "right-backed" me which was nice and a chest X-ray confirmed Atypical Pneumonia (treated with antibiotics and an inhaler).

Since Dylan and I have both been battling this really annoying cough for 2 plus weeks, I figured he needed to go in too. He got his own Chest X-Ray, a really nasty whooping cough swab and gets to join me with a diagnosis of pneumonia. At least it's not the really scary, high-temp kind and I don't even think he knows anything is wrong. And our After Hours Peds department is easy and efficient which is so helpful.

Halloween was fun, but Sunday was not.