Friday, January 23, 2015

Maybe I won't work out 100 times this year.

I basically quit working out for the second half of last year. And it was nice. I  gave myself permission not to always feel guilty about not working out. But it's the New Year and I want to get back into it. I actually decided my goal would be to work out 150 times this year. Then I thought 100 might be more reasonable.

So far my count is 2. And I should probably just stop here!

But let me give you a laugh.

Run 1: I took the dog and Dylan to run by the bay. It was nice. I didn't push it too hard. Dylan didn't complain too much about leaving the park at the end. But then I forgot to put the stroller in the car after the dog and the baby and I backed over it. It's fine, but still. 

Then I went to dinner with the fam at Souplantation and I was feeling quite pleased with myself...until I realized I was supposed to be at my friend's birthday dinner. I ended up getting there an hour and a half late and without a shower. Fail.

Run 2: Approximately two weeks after run 1 (and after a nasty GI bug), I decided to take the kiddos out again. Again, everything goes great. People smile at me while I push Dylan and wrangle Stella (no one ever smiled at me when I ran alone!). And it is kind of super-human to run with a dog and a stroller. I will admit it. You stop for pee/poop, when Dylan drops his water, etc.

But this time, Dylan didn't want to get back in the stroller after the park. The dog knocked the stroller over as I tried to get him back in, arching his back, but not screaming. Eventually I convinced him that it would be fun to lay down in the stroller as I pushed it on two wheels. Win!

But when I went to get the keys out of the stroller, they weren't there. Fuck. Dylan is trying to run in the parking lot, the dog is barking, it's getting dark and it's dinner time. So I call my husband he starts questioning how I could lose the keys, why I didn't put them in x,y,z places. Just come pick us up while we're still alive man!

Luckily, two nice ladies noticed my agitation and asked if I had lost my keys. They saw them just a short ways back. The said they thought a runner would have heard when they dropped...yeah except a runner (well...jogger), with a stroller and a toddler. One of them even went back to retrieve them for me. She's a saint!

Anyway. Night saved. But man, it's work to work out.

This picture wasn't from our run, this was one of the days that Dylan insisted on holding the lease. You see what I'm dealing with...


  1. I'm very impressed. Wrangling a toddler and a dog is quite a bit of work. Hopefully it's just a matter of getting into a routine. Our's has had a few hiccups too. But it is worth it at the end of the day. Good luck with meetibg the goal!

  2. Running with a toddler is really good exercise. I don't manage to run much at all anymore, but when I do it's usually with a jogging stroller. Then when I try running without it, I feel so light and go faster than I expected. A toddler AND a dog,!

  3. I wondered how I was going to run with two kids and then I saw a woman with a double stroller, an infant am toddler inside, a third 4-5 year old standing on the back of the stroller, and her dog on a leash! Running! Lol!

    My plan was to get a double stroller but now ever is accustomed to getting in and out at the park and I just want to run, no park! And I've been walking her to the park recently so I have no idea if she would even get in the Stroller!!! Look at me! What a sucker! I just need to put her in and enforce!!! That lady did it with three!!!

  4. I bet you can convince her that she needs to watch her little brother! Good luck :)