Monday, March 2, 2015

Words, words, words! (And more words.)

I've been wanting to keep track of this amazing thing called "the language explosion," so I've been trying to log cute, funny, or surprising things Dylan says. And he has been surprising us daily!

The other day we were driving home from the zoo and all of a sudden he says "traffic!" That was in between the constant "green means go" and "red means stop."

Here are some others:
(Dylan burps) Say excuse me!

(Holding two balls and a golf club) Dylan gotted the balls! 

Watch bideos Mommy's phone over there!

It's windy outside! Front door, back door, so many doors!

(While in the bath) Put the water in. Pour. Dylan try it. Mommy try it. More, more water.

D: Look a telescope!
M: What can you see if you look in a telescope?
D: The moon and the stars!

D: Oh no! Um um um um Mommy get the scrubbers down!
M: The scrubbers down? Where are the scrubbers?
D: The car wash!
The car wash is his favorite thing in the world right now. As soon as we turn lights off at night, it's "tell daddy's car car wash." We go through each step...

As the teapot started whistling...
The tea's almost ready!
Oh steam coming out.
Dylan's cup hot, Mommy's cup hot too!
I've only made tea in front of him like twice ever!

Apples. Yum! Yummy!

M: Want mommy to spell a word?
D: Door!
M: D O O R, door
D: Stairs!
M: S T A I R S, stairs
D: Handle!
M: (What?!)

This was pretending a wine cork was a telephone. ELLO!

To say I am loving this stage (and this amazing little boy) would be a vast understatement. 😍


  1. Awesome! I can't wait until my daughter starts to talk. I can't believe how much Dylan is talking! It sounds adorable.

  2. I really love the language at this age. Cooper seriously surprised me ALL the time. I don't even realize how much he knows until he is talking about it. He knows all the different ways home and will tell me where to turn! It's amazing.

  3. This makes me smile. So looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing the sweet photo too!