Monday, March 2, 2015

Quiet! #MicroblogMondays

It has been so so long since I've posted and it almost physically hurts to want to blog, but not to. Unfortunately, my lack of blogging is in direct correlation with the amount of stress I'm under at work.

But here's a quickie.

There are lots of things that Dylan does that make him "my child."

He sleeps a lot and well...

He prefers his foods separately...

And he likes quiet.

That's the big one. Last night I actually made dinner. DH was a little tipsy after having man time for most of the day. So he put on music in the kitchen, then the fan on the oven, and the tv in the other room. I could not handle it. I like quiet. If I'm home alone (which is heavenly, but rare), I often work in silence.

And Dylan is much the same. When the tv was on a little loudly, he said "quiet." We stopped using his sound machine after he kept asking for that "quiet." And the blowdryer makes him cry real tears. And I don't think it's a serious sensory issue or anything since some loud noises are ok and he's getting more comfortable with others, but he prefers his mama.

What are some quirky ways you know your kids are "yours?" (I'm sure this works equally well for non-biological kids...half of it has to be nurture!)

We spoiled Dylan with his first Build a Bear yesterday. I'm pretty sure he couldn't care less, but we had fun.


  1. I completely sympathize. I also like quiet. And low lighting. Which puts me at odds with more vibrant people. But there is beauty is silence and stillness.

  2. He is just so handsome...we took H to Build A Bear a few weeks ago and we definitely had more fun then she did haha! Haven't commented much but I continue to lurk :)

  3. I know Terrell is mine because he loves to read like his momma and he loves shows like NCIS, criminal minds etc.

    Jayden I know is his fathers because he loves all things physical.

  4. Cooper is mine because he loves books, Pixar movies, and sweets. I don't give him many sweets, but he loves candy. Honestly though, he is much more my husband. BYW Coop has the same coat!