Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Need of an Update - 2,5 Years in the Making!

Last month, I actually wrote four posts in one day. I was proctoring a half-day test and I had some very rare free time. But I never went back to edit the posts so they lingered in blog-limbo. It makes me sad not to blog, it's just hard to fit it in right now. But I am going to publish all of those posts from last month in the next few days!

But first, in light of my longest blogging hiatus, I think an update is in order.

Dylan is 26 months adjusted (30 months actual).

He's about 23 pounds, still a little string bean, but getting taller. He's wearing 6.5 shoes, 12 month shorts and 2T shirts.

He talks in full, long sentences quite often. One of his latest: "I'm so excited to go to the zoo with mommy!" Damn, this stage is cool! Last night at dinner he pretended his quesadilla was a pair of sunglasses. Other nights his food is a key or skateboard or truck.

I was thinking we had avoided the tantrumy terrible twos, but we are definitely having some new issues crop up. There is a lot of "mine" and "I need" going around. We don't have any fall down drag out cry fests, but it's getting more difficult to deal with. The nanny said that he's starting claiming the slide at the park and yelling at kids who come near it even though he often doesn't slide down. Eek.

As I posted yesterday, sleep is back to normal, thank the Lord! Starting around 18 months, Dylan was frequently waking up in the middle of the night after a glorious year-plus of almost no night wakings, but for the most part, I think it's done.

Dylan can't quite jump yet, but he's working on it. And he loves to dance. It's the cutest thing ever!

Last night he said "I love you Daddy" at bedtime for the first time unprompted. He still hasn't given that precious gift to me, but I feel it on the horizon.

What else?

Dylan is a pretty fantastic eater. He'll ask for peas for a snack and "more broccoli" whenever we serve it. He's definitely going through a growth spurt and last night he ate about 3 oz of chicken as a bedtime snack! His favorite foods are watermelon and strawberries, but he also loves rice, tortillas, toast and mac and cheese. Last night he said "so yummy" while he was eating and Mr. GG thought it was a compliment to my cooking. Nope, he was eating toast and butter...which I buttered thank you very much.

So far at least, every single stage has been better than the last and I am having the time of my life parenting this little cutie pie. He's funny and silly and smart and cuddly and I love him to pieces.


  1. What a sweetie! Glad to hear he continues to thrive and impress. Hang in there with the pushbacks. As you know, it's all about him asserting himself and testing boundaries. Though it can certainly be trying.

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  3. Awww Dylan sounds like such an adorable boy! Love that he is a good eater and that his sleep is back to normal.