Monday, November 7, 2011

And We Have a Plan!!

You guys!  I just had my first doctor's appointment that relieved stress rather than adding it!

Plan: Start Clomid; possibly with IUI

What we came away with:

  • Lab Order: "Law Tests" - HIV, Hepatitis B, C, and 2 others (required by law before man can give sperm)
  • Prescription: 4 mg Folic Acid - The Dr. said that you need a prescription for over 1mg so over-the-counter pill have less than that.  He wants me to take my regular pill plus 4 mg.
  • Prescription: Clomid
  • Pre-Natal and Baby Aspirin - Take 1 a day of each
How it at went down:
After we checked in we were escorted to the doctor's office.  It had a small round table and chairs as well as his desk.  He sat with us at the smaller table.  He started by listening (so refreshing!).  Then he said that we have 2 basic issues that need to be address (both of which we already knew).  And...he looked at my charts!  Woo-hoo!  I have been waiting for someone ot take them seriously.

1) Mr. GG's morphology is 4%.  Our Dr. said that almost no men meet the 14% normal morphology (sperm shape).  Most men will be at 8%.  Yes, Mr. GG's is lower, but the Dr. said not to worry, he's seen success with just takes one.  He also told us that we can improve his morphology!  I have tried to research male infertility issues, but it's a bitch, really.  The prescription is simple:

  • Take a multi-vitamin.  (Mr. GG was already doing this, but on a semi-regular basis.)
  • Take a supplement of Carnitine.
  • Eat lots of foods rich in antioxidants: blueberries, acai, etc.

Also important; he agreed that staying out of the hot tub is extremely important.  And he said that spinning class (Mr. GG's new workout obsession) is not a problem.

2) My spotting.  He agreed that it is a problem and confirmed that it's usually due to an progesterone issue.  (The other option is fibroids or some other issue, but my HSG and an ultrasound ruled that out.)  He said that some doctors prescribe a progesterone supplement, but that he preferred to make the body produce more progesterone on it's own.  Solution: Clomid.  He really thinks Clomid will most likely solve all of our issues!  Why didn't my OBGYN say this?  Grr.

We did end up switching our insurance to an HMO that provides coverage, so we have to decide whether we can wait until February to do IUIs or whether we want to pay out of pocket to do it at this office.  
  • $505 for the IUI cycle including appointments and sperm wash
  • ($75) for trigger shot (can choose this or use an OPK to predict O)
  • ($225) for an additional IUI one day later
  • ($250) for additional appointments, if necessary.
  • $? Clomid - will talk to pharmacy soon
Basically it should be between $600-700.

Either way, I'm starting my 5 day Clomid course on Day 3 of the next cycle.  We just have to decide whether we want to add the IUI.

I am sooooooo excited to have a real plan!!!!!!!!!!

He also did an ultrasound which was also really cool.  He said my lining is a bit thin which is to be expected with my probable progesterone issue.  Then we looked at my left ovary which had a bunch of tiny black spots which he said are follicles.  It's healthy and fertile...yay!  At this point I mentioned that I should be ovulating soon.  He said that I definitely would not be ovulating from this ovary.  So we looked at the right one and voila!  Big black egg for the month.  It was measuring small, 11x17.  It's supposed to be 18 and over to be good, but that's ok.  Clomid should fix all.  All in all, it was really exciting.  I feel majorly renewed hope! : )

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  1. I found this blog through Hellobee and just wanted to say that I really appreciate this. I am not as far along in the TTC journey (6 months), but I really relate to what you're feeling. It's really great to hear that you have hope and a plan. I'm a teacher too and love a good plan:)