Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Presents

On our way home from Vegas a couple a weeks ago (ah the luxurious life of the childless), Mr. GG and I perused SkyMall together.  SkyMall is good for a laugh or imagining who would buy the crazy over-priced wrist-band iphone holder that is more inconvenient than helpful.  Or the pillow positioner marketed for the elderly that looks suspiciously just like "The Liberator."  Same company? And then we stumbled upon something like this:

We figure we can just buy a few broze children for eachother for Christmas and scatter them throughout the yard and the house so that we will finally feel like a family. : )  We can name them and take care of them and live happily ever after.

Or better yet...we could buy "Corner Dolls."  I saw my first Corner Doll when while tailgating before a UCLA game at the Rosebowl in college.  As I was walking by the RV section where the rich people tailgate (you know - the kind who think drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers is tail-gating and have never heard of shot-gunning a beer), I noticed these "children" facing up against the RV.  It was the size of a child.  It was wearing children's clothing.  And I hope not to offend any of the Corner Doll fans among my blog readers, but these are honestly the creepiest things I have ever seen.  Here's one:

The actual website is even creepier!  This little guy is from the "Brats and Bullies" collection and he's been bad so he's in time-out in the corner.  Ew.

Maybe I will tell him to get me jewelry and I'll get him a watch instead.

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