Thursday, November 17, 2011

The joys and perils of charting BBT

Confession: I let my temperature determine my mood for the day.

This isn't a problem during the beginning of the month, but it turns me bi-polar toward the end.

Example:  Yesterday, 8dpo, my temperature was about as high as it ever gets.  It doesn't have to be this high for me to get pregnant, but it's definitely not a bad thing.  So I was up and about in an instant yesterday, excited to start my day.

And then today my temperature was super low, like about to start AF low.  This is not normal for 9dpo.  And I did take it an hour early (because I never changed my bedroom clock after the time change so I thought it was 5:30 when it was really 4:30).  But even adjusted, it's way low.  Sure, this could be an implantation dip.  But I'm not really holding my breath.  On these days I just want to keep hitting snooze, not go to school, and be grumpy all day.

I really used to be a truly rational person.  And I used to get things done at work.  Now I just compare my charts to other people's to convince myself that I can still hope another day.  Even though I know that I really can't know anything for sure.  I have a whole other post planned about sites to read for hours on end during the two week wait...

Please tell me you are crazy like me! : )


  1. Thank you for writing this. Seriously. Thank. You. This is exactly how I feel. Temperature up, jump outta bed head to the gym. Temperature down (today), lay in bed and watch 'terms of endearment' :) And then, yes, head to work and check EVERY. SINGLE. CHART. compared to mine. The TWW is torture!

  2. I am so glad I'm not the only one. And I'm doing it too.. and I'm still waiting to O!!!!

  3. You are for sure not alone! I do this all through my cycle, not just the TWW! But when I don't temp I obsess about what my temp "could" be that I'm's a sickness.

  4. Thanks for sharing in the crazy girls : )