Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm 13 weeks...please tell my uterus that.

I really want to get back to "my" normal - posting about whatever is going on at my life at the time and processing it on here.  Some people have thought that posting regular pregnancy stuff is insensitive in light of my"decision," but it's all real stuff and it's what I'm going through.  And I'm sure some of you are curious about what a multiple pregnancy is like.  I know I probably won't be here forever, but for the past 13 weeks, I've been pregnant with multiples.

I've felt pretty horrible (physically) the last few days.  I feel a ton of pressure in my lower abdomen.  There's no real cramping exactly, but I do have the general crampiness that for me at least, is like what accompanied the beginning of my period.  I'm peeing as often as every 30 minutes.  It's pretty ridiculous!  I'm sure that I'm just not fully emptying my bladder each time, but I'm doing all I can...  I also feel like I have to hold my bump a lot, especially if I cough or sneeze.  I've even needed a little cushion underneath to support it while I sleep.

I also have been spotting the last couple of days.  This is the first spotting of my entire pregnancy, so it made me anxious to say the least.  Fortunately, all the spotting has been brown, so it's nothing fresh.  I almost went in to see the call doctor yesterday, but already had an appointment today, so I just waited.  My doc thinks it's probably just cervical irritation from my CVS procedure last week, but I also got tested for a UTI.

Everything was normal on today's ultrasound including my cervix, but the doc shocked me when she announced "your uterus is measuring 17 weeks."  Now I realize I am growing faster than normal...3 times faster at that...but I just haven't heard it put into words yet.

This is happening FAST!  I started wearing maternity clothes around 9 weeks.  But during this last week I've fully "popped" I guess you could say.  My belly is now really firm.  The whole process is so strange!  So many changes happen so fast.

Food is still the same as before.  Some things sound good, most don't.  But my biggest current issue is heartburn.  It's excruciating!  I'm working hard to try to prevent it because it is just so unpleasant and so hard to alleviate once you have it.

Today feels much better than the last 2 days, so hopefully my body is getting used to its new self.

I have been a horrible commenter on everyone else's blogs during the past few weeks.  I'm sorry and I promise to do better!

That's all for now.


  1. Thanks for the update... I think of you often and hope you're holding up ok. It doesn't sound very pleasant... What does measuring at 17 wks mean for everything?

  2. Hi, I just found you via Life and Love in the Petri Dish. You are having to make hard decisions, but look at it this way. If the house was burning down and you could only grab one or two babies and get them out safely wouldn't you do that rather than stay in the burning house and all die?

    You are dong what you need to do. Hugs from Maryland.

  3. It must be a very different experience to grow to 17 weeks in only 13. I'm glad you're feeling better, though. I hope you continue in that direction!

  4. I also think of you often and share your story with my hub. I just love reading your blog.

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling so awful. My doc is ok with heartburn meds during pregnancy--my faves are Prilosec (amazing) and Zantac--could you take those?

  6. I'm sorry for all the heartburn and stuff, are you able to take Tums. I totally understand the peeing cause I pee about every hour to half hour or so as well and I only have one so I can just imagine with three. I'm hoping you start feeling better soon.

  7. Hi there...thanks so very much for your blog. I had to weed through these issues myself when we were faced with a triplet pregnancy (fraternal BBBs). I can really sympathize on the heartburn issue. I had it so badly at 26 weeks that I couldn't swallow water without massive pain. I found that Tums (the Ultra1000 ones in mint) worked really, really well but it got to the stage that even that didn't help and I was consuming way more than I should have. My doctor prescribed Prilosec. The next day I could finally satisfy that craving for pepperoni pizza I had had for three months :D It was AWESOME!!

  8. No apologies necessary! I am a firm believer that a personal blog is just that- the personal story you wish to share. It's about sharing whatever you want, not just the stuff that make people feel warm and fuzzy.

    So glad things are progressing well, and I hope the spotting lets up soon!

  9. The growth happens quickly. I lost a triplet in the early second tri and I'm still carrying surviving twins. No one may have mentioned it to you yet but even after the SR you will continue to measure ahead for the pregnancy because your body is already on that path. It's just something to look forward to. At 36 weeks I'm measuring 45, I'm huge.

  10. Peeing every 30 minutes is a lot! I wasn't quite that frequent with 3 until they got a lot bigger - maybe post 20-24 weeks or so. If you're drinking water Frequently, it could explain it. Or maybe it's just their positioning. One of my girls was pretty low, lying parallel to the ground, right between my hips. She gave me a ton of bladder spasms in the late 2nd trimester until she was born. In my case, I was so sick the first trimester that I could only eat watermelon (that is literally all I ate for at least 3 weeks) and I lost 15 pounds. I couldn't breathe - was always out of breath starting at 7 weeks. But that all improved by week 13/14. Then I felt awesome, but mildly less energetic, until 24 weeks-ish. I also measured further along than I was. To explain to your readers, that just indicates that the uterus has stretched to the size of a uterus carrying one child at x amount of weeks. My girls were born at 29 weeks and my uterus measured 47 weeks at that time. As for fires, the babies are usually kept together nearly all the time, so there probably isn't much running from room to room. I always had a plan and it was to grab a laundry basket, stuff it with babies, and run outside. Im not going to lie, I didn't love being pregnant that first trimester - it was horrible. And I can't remember when it got better, but it did get better. The pregnancy is generally just an uncomfortable experience, but the discomfort is replaced by excitement somewhere around 16-18 weeks when you start feeling them move. I was able to distinguish between all 3 of them most of the time. And with 3, there is almost always someone moving around trying to get comfy. My girls weren't big kickers and didn't cause me pain - it was just comfortable baby movement. That was probably the best part of the pregnancy for me. So I know it's painful and annoying to be pregnant with multiples, but there are small rewards coming your way if they hang around for a while. And I have to say, nothing is more amazing than lying the three of them side-by-side for the first time. It's incredible.