Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mom Jeans

No, I didn't buy "mom jeans."  But I did suck it up and buy new jeans that actually fit me.  The new me with mom hips and a tummy.  I was not one of the lucky ones whose weight melted off while breastfeeding.

So far I've been wearing my maternity jeans with a tank top to help keep them up or a variety of leggings.  I did not expect to lose the weight quickly and have not done anything specific to try to.  Breastfeeding...well, milk production...definitely requires a lot of fuel, so I've tried to not deprive myself.  Although, I am trying to cut down on sweets.

I haven't gotten back to a work out routine because I've been kind of waiting for Dylan to get home.  I don't want to start a new routine right before it will change.  But the longer I'm in the NICU and the longer I'm stuck at an extra 10 or so pounds and unable to fit in my jeans, the more frustrated I'm getting.  I have been taking my dog on walks and I try to take the stairs at the hospital (3 flights) and last night, I even played soccer!

That deserves it's own little aside:

I put out the word a few weeks ago that I'd be willing to sub for one of my friends' soccer teams.  Last night was the first game that fit my schedule, so I took it.  I strapped on my XL sports bra (used to be a medium) and went to play.  I was extremely nervous because soccer is not nice to the out of shape.  It was my first game in 9 months.

We got down early and the team was not very good (sorry A!) which took a lot of the pressure off, but I felt pretty comfortable and was playing fairly well even though my lungs were on fire.  Then I got fouled.  Hard.  His name was Maximilian I believe (not that it matters).  I can't really remember how it happened, but I was blind-sided, had my feet taken out from under me, and landed hard on my hip?  I got up and kept playing for a few minutes, but as I stood during half-time, I realized my ankle was getting more and more sore.  I put on my ankle brace, planning to keep playing, but the pain continued to increase and I reminded myself that this is my first game back, that this is not my team, and that I need to be able to walk to take care of Dylan.  So I left so I could ice my ankle and get some elevation.

I drove home with my left foot, an art I began perfecting with my first major sprain when I was 16 years old and have practiced through periodic sprains over the years.

It was extremely painful last night.  And walking was a bitch today, but it's not the worst sprain I've ever had.

Anyway.  The one soccer game did not magically melt my hips, so I decided to get some jeans that fit.

Macy's had Levi's 535 skinny jeans at a great price so I got 2 pairs, in size 11.  I used to be a 5.  Oh well.  I checked the jeans on my waist before trying them on so I didn't have the misfortune of not being able to get any on.  I highly recommend doing this first!

Hopefully I'll be able to get a more regular routine going after Dylan is home, but I'm content to get the weight off slowly...hopefully by summer.


  1. I'm still wearing maternity. I refuse to buy new clothes until my baby weight has melted off. I wear leggings and the same three nusing outfits are in rotation. I don't really go anywhere tho. :)

  2. Right now since I have no where to be I have been rocking the yoga pants but when I do have to make a public appearance I still wear my maternity pants.

  3. I personally love jeans that cover my butt crack and stomach. They are hard to find now a days!

  4. I wear yoga pants all day. If I have to go out somewhere other than the store, I will wear my low rise maternity jeans and keep hitching them up. My baby weight came off, but I don't fit into my pre-baby jeans. My tummy is not the same so although I am the same weight, they don't fit. I need to go shopping too or figure out how to get rid of the new shape.