Monday, January 28, 2013

Update: One day later

I just had to update real quick because although all the feelings and emotions of yesterday are still there and nothing major has changed, I have had such a GOOD day today!

Most of it has nothing to do with Dylan.  I've decided to let other people help me out a bit more with his feedings so I feel less pressure to be there all day, so right now, Dad is feeding him.  Hopefully it went well!  On Thursday, Grandma is going to feed him while I go get the massage that Mr. GG got me for Christmas.

So instead of going to the hospital tonight, as soon as I got home and finished pumping (around 4:30), I got things done.  Lots of things!

I cancelled our cleaning lady a few days ago because she wasn't very good, but I know how happy it makes Mr. GG when the house is clean, so I CLEANED! Not everything, but the kitchen and living room.  I also put away a ton of the stuff that has accumulated in the past month or so since emptying our office.  (We still have all of the office furniture in the family room.)

Then I did even more stuff.

I organized baby clothes.

I postponed my jury duty.

I paid my first hospital bill.  (I owe $20.  The total is $58,000.  And that is just physician fees.  Thank goodness for my excellent benefits!!!!!!!!!!  This probably deserves it's own post.)

I registered my car.  On time!

I put stamps on baby shower thank you notes.  (Now I need to add addresses.)

*     *     *     *     *

I haven't been able to properly "nest" because of obvious reasons, but the nursery is shaping up and we're getting there.

It feels amazing to be productive.  I am not a very organized nor domestic person, but I feel so good when I'm able to act like one!

*     *     *     *     *

And as far as Dylan goes, last night (10:00) and today were better.  I bought Dr. Brown's bottles to try with him and last night he took 40mls which made me very happy.  Today he took 10 and then 22 which is basically how the middle of the night went too.  We are also starting to thicken his feeds with rice cereal which I think will help him not to brady (when his heart rate drops).  It usually happens because of choking.

Here's a pick of Dylan rocking a mohawk :)


  1. Glad today was better. He's a cutie pie!

  2. It is amazing how much knocking a few things off of a mounting "to do" list can improve your mood! I'm so glad you are accepting some help and taking time to care for yourself. I learned a long time ago that you can't be of much help to others if you are not taking care of YOURSELF. You'll be able to be there and be present with baby more often if you take a little time here and there to care for you. I'm glad you are learning this. And I'm glad Dylan is doing a little better. I've been sending him "good eater" thoughts for weeks now. Maybe they will start to pay off soon :)

  3. He is so adorable. I really, really hope that things start to get better and I'm glad you felt better and were productive. Sometimes doing all those things just lifts a weight off of your shoulders!

  4. Glad you got so much stuff done, and that it made you feel better. My daughter is out of the NICU now (it was 23 days total), but I remember every day a nurse would say to me "one day, it'll just be like a light comes on". I got so sick of hearing it, and then hearing she'd taken 15 or 22 at a feeding. But they were right. One day she finished her bottle for me, and the next day she finished one for me too. The day after, she finished all her bottles, no matter who was giving them. It is soooo hard when you don't see progress, especially when that's the only thing standing between you & coming home. But he will get there. Good luck!

  5. So so so glad to hear you're doing better today and so proud of you for taking care of yourself! Getting a massage was on my to do list before MB got home too and I never got myself out the door to do it. I'm so glad that you are! Thinking of you guys all the time!