Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Suzy Q Homemaker

That's what I felt like last night!

I've mentioned many times on here how un-domestic I am.  It's hard for me to stay on top of household things.  I have no excuse; I'm just terrible at it.

But sometimes the planets align and I turn into Trudy from Mad Men (our Netflix series of the it!).

During the day on Monday and Tuesday, my mom came over and we re-organized just about every messy area of the house: pantry, tupperware, fridge, my "catch-all" bookcase, and most satisfyingly, my closet.  I have NEVER been this prepared for going back to school.  It'll be nice to know where everything is and not have too many projects hanging over my head.  Although I still never technically finished the nursery.  Whoops.

So anyway...I decided to actually prepare dinner because I was feeling productive.  It wasn't special or involved, just a really delicious tomato bisque from Costco that my mom and I sampled during the afternoon, grilled cheese, and a salad, but it's more of home-cooked meal than I have prepared in awhile.  It probably triples the number of meals I have cooked all summer.

And while we ate, Dylan ate an entire portion of butternut squash that I saved from my lunch.  It was just about an ounce, but he ate ALL OF IT!  He's never eaten all of something.  Apparently, he likes fancy gourmet roasted food better than the plain baby food I make or buy for him.

So the three of us ate dinner the dining room table (MrGG and I usually eat at the coffee table in front of the TV, but are trying to eat with Dylan more often).

And I felt like a success.

*New goal*  Repeat this success at least once a week.  It's only a few short months until Dylan needs real food all of the time.

Today's picture is not of last night's meal, but it is of Dylan eating.  Doesn't he look like a big boy?!


  1. Way to go lady! Meal planning is not my strong suit. I'm a little terrified that I'm going to have to come up with something for dinner every night for the next 16 years or so. Yes, he does look like a big boy. :)

  2. He die look like a big boy!

    God that meal sounds delicious!

    I like to eat together at the table too with Ever in her mamas and papas chair! It's so fun to eat as a family!

    I wish my mom would come help me clean and organize! :(

  3. He seriously looks like a toddler here! I try to make a point of us eating together at least once a week too.