Friday, August 30, 2013

My baby is developing a personality.

It's cool. But it's also really, really frustrating!  We used to sit in our big comfy chair in the nursery while he ate. Now he stops every 5 seconds to try to sit up, then twists across me to try to pull a book out of the he can eat it. I almost think we need a new feeding spot. 

And don't take anything away from him that he's interested in! One evening, I took a teething wafer out of his hands to dip it in yogurt. He completely lost it! I was so shocked. It was out of his hand (and mouth) for literally two seconds! Wow.

So basically everything is harder now. I love it, but also hate it so much. 

I also feel partially at fault or like I'm getting what I deserve because his personality really resembles mine more than his dad's. He's stubborn, opinionated, and doesn't like being told what to do. I also think he's pretty smart. He remembers exactly what he was originally wanting whenever I try to distract him.

I haven't talked much about it, but he's so close to crawling. He sits virtually unsupported, but I still need to be nearby to prevent crashes. He'll lean down onto his hands. He can almost sit up without help (and boy does he try to often!). He will occasionally get on all fours, but usually I have to help him. And he's a pro at pushing himself backwards...just hasn't quite mastered forward yet. Makes him so angry!!  He has this loud frustration grunt. He actually has lots of loud noises now.

The nanny transition went pretty well this week, but he's not eating enough for her and it stresses me out to no end. Hopefully they'll get in a groove next week. When it's not 90 degrees. (Working in a 90 degree bungalow is a non-starter. I went to a public library today for the first time in 10+ years. Just me, old people and crazy people. Ok and a few normal people.)

This is my view from my current blogging locale in my backyard. Mr.GG is out walking Dylan to sleep since the house has not cooled down yet. He's a keeper! This heat is not.



  1. Woohoo! That sounds a lot like our boy. And he got it from his momma too! :)

  2. Oh the feistiness of the newly able baby. I'm mostly enjoying the sudden burst of personality but it's kind of exhausting to keep up with too. How cute he is! Awww!