Sunday, July 6, 2014

All-American Baby

This weekend was a whirlwind! 

2 Birthday Parties
2 BBQs
3 swim days
1 adult dinner out

And I'm pooped!

Oh and the keeping Dylan up for the fireworks experiment was truly an experience. He stayed up fine, but got CRAZY between 8 and 9, watched 2 minutes of the fireworks peacefully, then needed to be up and about (looking at trees and bicycles, etc.). He was in bed by 10, but it definitely created a weird nap day on the 5th (which was basically all crying and no nap), but I think we're back to normal finally today.

And just for the record, going to a party with a toddler is some kind of weird social sweaty torture where you have mini snippets of conversations with people and you end up with weird sticky spots all over yourself. It's like you're near people being social, but you can't actual be social yourself. And it's tough having an opinionated kid who doesn't walk yet, but wants to be everywhere and in everything.

I'll leave you with my all-American model baby. (New favorite pic alert!) He was actually dressed up for the USA soccer game this day, but it's timely.


  1. I lost your blog for a year or so and just recently came across it again. I can't believe how big Dylan is getting! Such a handsome little boy :)

  2. Going to a party with a toddler = "near people being social." Bingo.

  3. I just adore this photo of Dylan .... super cute!

  4. Mama might be tired. But Dylan looks like he is just getting started. LOL