Saturday, July 26, 2014

And finally, at 18 months adjusted...

We have a walker!!!!! 

After refusing to practice for months and months, Dylan was finally okay walking while holding hands about a month ago and he would use push toys occasionally (but rarely). Then he was okay with one hand or finger. Then he finally took a couple steps at a time and this week he's now walked across an entire room! Finally!! 

I cannot say that we did anything differently (except not letting him crawl in public places, like the zoo...he had to walk), he's just ready now, I guess.

Belle posted about how babies get more clingy when they are hitting big milestones and that's been totally true for Dylan the last couple weeks. He's a Daddy's boy, but he's been super clingy with me, not letting me put him down at all sometimes (and I'm not complaining!). And he even started saying "mama" - FINALLY!!!!!

He's had quite a receptive language explosion over the last month or so, but he's finally trying knew words expressively again. He's currently practicing the difference between "truck," "trash," and "tree" which fascinates me! And he's just about mastered "all done" which is helpful.

His stats at his last appointment were: 31.75 inches and19.5 pounds, but he's steadily growing out of clothes even though he has the tiniest hips and waist ever. Were still shooting for 20lbs by 2 in October (real 2).

Summer has been a whirlwind so far and there are 5 weeks still to go!

With his BFF cousin B at the park.

An evening walk at the cove with mama.

Turning on the sink in the play kitchen at our favorite kid's store. (Had to replace his shoes that Stella ate.)

Just a cute face, food and all.

Dancing with Dad way past bedtime on the 4th of July.


  1. Yay!!! That's wonderful news! Congratulation!!!!

  2. SO exciting! He's come so far! <3 Georgia still isn't walking, I swear we'll be crawling at her 21st at this stage. ;)

  3. That's awesome! And he's just his hair!

  4. So sweet! Love your update. He's a sweet boy.