Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Keeping it real: Summer Edition

I've always tried very hard to tell it like it is on this blog, but I've been worrying that maybe I've had too much positive lately. Long time readers will know that I do not consider myself domestic in any sense of the word. And like many women, I feel grossly inadequate with a nice helping of guilt, just about all of the time.

So what's not perfect in my life today?

1) I let Dylan watch TV...and not just 15 minutes on weekends. I think the average is probably 45 minutes a day. And it's mostly for me. Sometimes he really watches, but most times I just want to sit on the couch for a minute. And I'm mostly not worried about it. I think some of the shows are kinda cool nowadays. And I think we do plenty of other types of stimulating activities in a day.

2) I look at my phone too much. I try to hide it in front of Dylan, but sometimes I don't. It's not constantly in my hand and I try to keep it away from me as much as possible, but I still check it A LOT. And it's rarely important and so I do feel bad about it.

3) Dylan's laundry is all over my kitchen table. And it's only clean because my mom watched Dylan on Monday and did it. But I still didn't put it away! And my laundry hasn't been touched in a very long time. I own A LOT of underwear for this exact reason.

4) I don't cook. Still. I actually read an article recently that made me feel much better about microwaving most of what I feed Dylan. I mean the meals are still healthy. I give him frozen or fresh veggies and fresh fruit with the frozen meatballs, but it's almost always microwaved. I did cook once last week; stirfry, but it wasn't very good.

5) I don't talk to Dylan enough. I mean I'm an English teacher and I know the importance of talking and reading and early exposure to language, but I like quiet time too. I do feel guilty about this one, but I don't actually think it's that bad because I talk to him a lot, just not constantly, we read a lot, and maybe he likes some quiet time too...he seems to!

6) Oh and the running I was planning on doing 3 days a week? Twice. All summer. DH is on a health kick diet and I'm drinking wine and eating ice cream and stressing about wearing a bikini at pool parties. But eff it. I'll do it eventually.

7) And actually my house is pretty clean right now. But that is only because I hosted a wedding in my backyard last weekend band I HAD to clean it and my mom helped, A LOT. But normally my house is not clean. And I didn't clean up the puke stain from my bedroom carpet where my dog puked up a bunch of leather from the 5 pairs of shoes she ate when we went out of town for the night. And let's not even start on my car...

And that's reality.


  1. I do most of those things! I think that Pinterest and mommy blogs and groups make it seem like all mommies are supposed to have it all together and have their undivided attention focused on their children all the time. But, in reality, I think the majority of us do the exact same things you do.

  2. I love this!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. I love your brutal honesty. In fact it is nice to see someone who doesn't write things on their blogs to get acceptance and try to act like they have the parenting thing down to a perfect science. Thank you.

  4. LOL nice :) p.s. a lot of LF's food comes from the microwave too :)

  5. I microwaved chicken tenders just this evening. Sometimes I bake his meatballs and potatoes, etc. but my kid is super impatient. I am on my phone too much too. You aren't alone and I appreciate you keeping it real.

  6. oh yes, me too. I'm a Speech Pathologist and sometimes when I've spent all day trying to get OTHER kids to talk I just want to sit and be quiet! And yes on the phone, TV and laundry, :) Oh and cook? HA!

  7. Ditto on the phone thing. That's my #1 pet peeve of other people when I'm with them, so why do I let myself do it when I'm with my son? Grrr! And you're right... SO not important. I'm starting trying to leave it in another room when we're playing so I'm not even tempted. We'll see how it goes...

  8. Thank you for this. Always glad to know I'm not the only one not totally put together. And? Totally with you on the laundry thing. And the phone thing.