Sunday, May 26, 2013

Funny story.

I wanted to give Dylan a bath tonight, but I couldn't figure out which direction the faucet needed to be to get hot water. I waited and waited...then got colder...then waited and waited some more. Totally feeling like an idiot. Then I gave up.

I decided to just clean Dylan's feet and hands and do the bath another time. People keep telling me his skin needs to "breathe" so I left him naked on his changing table for a bit. The pad was bare because the cover got dirty the other day and I never replaced it.

So Dylan peed and I laughed because I expected it, but I cleaned up as best I could. It seemed like there was just a little and the cover is no biggie.

I finish up and go to put the diaper on and it's wet...ok...the pee went farther than I thought. Then I lifted him up and there was pee everywhere. His back was soaked, his hair was wet!

So I switched the faucet to the side I spent less time on and 20 gallons later (slight exaggeration), the tub was full and Dylan got his bath.

The end.

: )

And pictures.


  1. Gotta love boys! He's so smileyy. Love it.

  2. Oh man, this was me! Everything that could go wrong with bodily functions did and it was a freak show.

  3. Dylan just might be the most handsome little baby boy I've ever laid eyes on!!

  4. My little one loves her O-Ball rattle as well.

  5. So cute! He's really starting to look like a handsome little man!

  6. Oh my GOD he is SO cute! And SO big! I can't believe he's the same baby! So happy for you guys!