Friday, May 24, 2013


Oh my goodess...the agony of hearing a true pain cry!

I'm 99% sure that Dylan is teething and it's the saddest thing ever.

Things I googled yesterday:

  • "Teething Molars First"
  • "Baby Orajel"
  • "Hyland's Teething Tablets"
  • "Teething"
Ok that last one is not very interesting, but the first two were.

Mr. GG always suggests things for Dylan.  Like...can we get him some Orajel?  My response is typically...look it up!  I don't trust anything for a second unless a doctor, trusted friend, or good internet research has proven it realistically safe.

Orajel = not safe.  There is a baby version and people do use it, but the rare complication is that the baby stops breathing if they swallow the gel.  OMG...not a risk I'm going to take with my respirationally-challenged baby.

Hyland's on the other hand do seem like a good option.  They are homeopathic tablets.  (Still not sure exactly what that means, but the ingredients were .......)  We gave Dylan two yesterday and both times he immediately stopped crying.  For about two minutes.  : (  So we gave Tylenol and that did the trick.  He had one more episode later in the day, but it didn't necessitate meds. (I do realize Hyland's were recalled a few years ago, but they are ok now.)

We also tried a variety of teething items including a partially frozen washcloth, teething ring and the most finger.  

That's how I know it's teething and that it's probably molars.  I can feel them.  So weird!  Apparently getting molars first is extremely uncommon, but it does happen.  I already verified with my mom that I did not get my molars first.

I sure hope this pain is sporadic.  He was so upset.  I've never heard that pain cry for a sustained amount of time and it broke my heart!  

He also had his lowest total food intake since he got home from the hospital...not by a lot, but definitely a trend that cannot continue!

Did any of your little ones get molars first?  Will this last forever?  How did you get through it?


  1. I admit that I am very much dreading my baby going through this. My thoughts are with all of you, and I hope it's over soon!

  2. We do the baby orajel and tylenol but I think it is more the tylenol that does the trick. The teething tablets scare me even though I know several mommas who use them and swear by them! Reagan is a chewer, blankets, my finger, her fists and a select few teething toys. I'm just glad that we never remember teething because it must be horrible!

  3. Nothing really helped A. I think every baby handles things his or her own way. I dosed up on Advil or Tylenol when I could. I tried the tablets and they didn't work. Good luck on this phase. Even at 20 months, A still whines and cries a lot when a new tooth is on the horizon.

  4. There is an Orajel "naturals" which is homeopathic. I have used that as well as Hyland's teething tablets. I don't really prefer one over the other. They both have their limitations and often we need to resort to Tylenol anyway. Another wonderful thing to chew on is the vibrating teether (AKA "massaging action teether"). It has an internal battery that is activated when you bite or squeeze it. Also when they want to chew on your finger you can wear one of those little finger toothbrushes to help massage their gums.
    My 5-month-old has been having teething pain off and on since three months and no teeth have surfaced yet. It's killer! I can't tell where the first one will be...his gums feel hard to me in different places.

    1. Super helpful suggestions...thanks!

    2. I think he'd especially live a vibrating teether

  5. My mom gave me frozen carrots to knaw/gum on. I have given my little one refrigerated carrots and he seems to like that. And since he didn't have any teeth yet, he wasn't able to get any chunks off and swallow. We also do cucumber too, but even without teeth, he could get the seeds off (and eat them). He still loves cucumber, I have no idea how much it helps with teething now, but he is always happy munching away on cucs.

    Cold rags also work off and on. My fingers he doesn't like in his mouth, ever.