Friday, May 10, 2013

New me. (Better me.)

I've heard other people say this, but I really don't know what I did with my time before Dylan was born.

Wait.  Yes I do.  I spent it on the couch or on the computer.

I think it was the fact that I always had other future hypothetical time to finish something.  I've been a procrastinator my entire life.

But now...I have no idea if I'll have future time to do something.  So I have to do it now.  It's still not perfect.  I'm still procrastinating on some small things.  Like the old bottle of milk on the counter.  I should have just rinsed it out when I set it there.  But I didn't.  I should have done it one of the other 3 times I noticed it.  But I didn't.  Baby steps.

But I just did something that I've almost never done before.

I collected an assignment from my Freshman.  And then graded it.  Right then.  And I even entered it into the online grade book.  Within an hour of collecting it.  Holy crap.

When I was grading essays last weekend, I knew that the minute Dylan fell asleep, that I needed to start.  So I did.  And was so much more efficient than normal.

I don't know why the past me tortured myself by letting things pile up physically (and mentally). With 150 students, the paper accumulates at warp speed.

And I don't really know if I'll keep this up.  But I kind of think I will.

I'm a new multi-tasking, efficient me.

*     *     *     *     * 

So going back to school has gone pretty well.  Each day I'm progressively less tired which I know sounds weird, but it's because teaching take a lot of energy...I have to get back in teaching shape!  This goes for voice as well as energy.  Going from talking a little up close to projecting all day long takes an adjustment.

Dylan has been with my dad and his girlfriend and that's gone really well.  I was most afraid of giving up control of his feedings, but he's taken 20 ounces just about every day which is perfect.  We even let him sleep through the night the last couple of nights and he still got to 20 yesterday...hopefully today will be the same.  (He's sleeping for 12 hours straight - with a couple of dream feeds thrown in - nice kid!)

I'm enjoying school too.  I was mostly worried about my freshman because the regular freshman classes are always crazy and this group had built up quite a reputation.  But they're not as bad as I had prepared for.  So that's good!  

The AP kids are taking their test right now as we speak and I think they're as ready as my classes typically are.  Also good.

I let my Sophomores choose between two novels and they chose Kite Runner which is one of my favorite novels to teach and a unit that I need almost no preparation for.

I also had a revelation this morning that I could pump on the way to work.  I've pumped in the car a couple of times before, but my post-partum brain just can't think of obvious things some times.  That freedom will definitely free up my mornings.  But my supply is not liking the change for whatever reason.  More on the that soon.

So things are pretty good!


  1. Here's a tip that has helped me: I keep a big scarf in my car (a fashion scarf, not a winter one). I throw it around my neck and over my boobs when I'm pumping in the car, and that way it's fairly easy to do the whole process without anybody seeing me. :)

    Glad the childcare and feeding are going well.

  2. I completely get it, I used to think I was so busy before, crazy huh. So glad going back to school is going smoothly.