Monday, September 8, 2014

#MicroblogMondays - More

Dylan learned how to sign more which is awesome. But now he signs more all the time, but without attaching the word to what he wants more of! He's frustrated because he knows he's communicating. I'm frustrated because I want to reward his effort, but sometimes I don't know how. And the worst times are when he asks for more books after his allotted 3 at bedtime. How do I say no to more books?!

(Using the remote and pretending it's a phone. "Hello?")


  1. Great pic :) D does that with the remote too. We also have a slight issue with sign language...he won't actually SAY please or more; he just signs them! We try to get him to say please out loud and it doesn't work. I have no earthly idea how to get past it!

  2. I love this picture - his expression is so cute! My son does the same thing with remotes.
    It breaks my heart when they are trying so hard to communicate but aren't getting their point across.

  3. Love the picture!!!

    Yeah, it's certainly a brain-twister. On the one hand you want to promote the communication. On the other, it's important that they communicate correctly AND know the boundaries. We're struggling with it too and I don't know exactly what the correct formula is. Keep working at it because I'm certain you are doing an amazing job.