Monday, September 29, 2014

#MicroblogMondays - Sick : (

Oh the never ending mind game of wondering when is the right time to pull the trigger and take your sick kid to the doctor...

We have been so lucky that Dylan has not been sick too often in his 2 years of life, but we've also taken lots of precautions to make this happen: nanny, restricted winter activities, extra worry, etc. But he's sick now and it's the first cough he's ever had and it's in his lungs and I'm freaking out because it sounds a lot like the Enterovirus (which has already had cases confirmed in my County).

I haven't taken him in yet because he's acting normal (like singing in between coughing) and he's eating and drinking okay (not great) and he doesn't have a temp, but I'm just waiting for that additional factor to push me to take him in.

Bedtime is the worst, breathing-wise, which is hard because I know he's better served sleeping than crying in a doctor's office...but then everything improves in the daytime and the cycle starts over.

So we wait.

(Please don't worry that I won't take him in...I absolutely will if there is no improvement, he has retractions, clear wheezing, or any other scary bad worsening symptom.)

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  1. I know! Your fear is probably more than my mine, but for me, the coughing is always "ohmagawd! he can't breathe!" and I cannot sleep until the coughing subsides.

    And then I always feel like a jerk when the ped says "fluids, humidifier," (not that she makes me feel this way. she is actually really great). But I feel like a crazy mom! argh!

  2. Just played the same game today. And confirmed ear infection #6 for both babies (I predict tubes are in our future). Anyway, it's always a hard call, but I think a lot of it has to do with whether they get better. If no change or he's worse in a day or two, take him in. But if he seems to be doing better, I would vote to keeping him home. But no guilt. You know your son better than anyone and being in the doctor's office is STRESSFUL!

  3. Poor Dylan. I hate when our babies are sick. It's always a toss up whether to go in, but I know you are diligent in monitoring him. C tends to get respiratory issues a lot and fevers. I am always worried I am waiting too long, but you get to learn your kid and how they handle sickness. I hope he feels better soon.