Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#MicroblogMondays - Yeah!

"Did you go to gymnastics today?"


"Was Daddy there?"


"Did you have fun?"


We are having real conversations! (Kinda...he also said "Yeah" to "Did you go swimming today?," not true.)


  1. haha! I used to do that with J too and I would throw in at the end, "Do you want to go to the doctor and get some shots?!"
    Its really cute though when strangers come up and ask him something and they think he really is comprehending them when he answers yeah.

  2. Sometimes I can get a string of yeahs out of my boy...other times it's a string of "NO WAY!" to everything I ask or say. I wonder where he picked up that phrase.

    My son's "yeah" is two syllables...sounds like "ya-uh".