Friday, October 3, 2014


Dylan has a lot of hair and he has had quite a few haircuts. Four to be exact. And I hate them so very much. I have visions of long surfer-boy hair. But it doesn't work so well when the hair is poker straight (like mine). And so after a nearly 2 year battle, Dylan is getting a short hair cut for his 2nd birthday next week.

Haircut #1 was a pretty short cut. We evened out all the baby hairs. I pretty much hated it and was very sad.

Haircut #2 was an interim cut to make it look more stylish while I grew it back out. I was pretty happy with the stylist and results.

Haircut #3 was a reaction to my father cutting Dylan bangs while I was at work. I am still not over it. And my Dad still thinks I've let Dylan's hair grow just to spite him. Again, pretty good stylist. Pretty good results.

Haircut #4 was a trim for family pictures. But it was probably the worst of the four cuts.

All of these cuts were at one of those fancy expensive kid's cut places where they get to sit in airplane chairs and watch movies. But this time we are going to my stylist. She has a toddler nephew who she watches once a week and although his hair is long and curly, I'm putting the fate of Dylan's hair in her hands. (And yes, I'm nervous about it.)

Sure you could take this as just some petty little thing in life, but for me it's not. I look and think about his hair just about every second I'm with him! If something unfortunate happens to his hair, I feel bad about it and dwell on it. I hate how his bangs are always in his eyes and I feel like I've ruined tons of adorable pictures, but I really wanted the long hair thing to work.

So I'm giving up and giving in. But when Daddy wasn't home I gave him his first ponytail while I still have the chance : )


  1. I love this! My little guy has had 4 haircuts in 18 months, so I know what it's like. My mom always tries to put his hair in a ponytail when we visit. Unlike Dylan's - my dude's is just wavy enough to be a hot mess. A cute hot mess.

  2. He doesn't look too happy with that pony! It's hard cutting our kids' hair. It always makes them look older and that's something we desperately want to stop. Every time I cut C's hair I feel wistful, but he always looks cute.