Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

I wasn't happy with my post yesterday. Before that post, I wrote a draft titled "Blogging Rut." I do have some ideas, but a lack of spare time has really hampered my creativity!

But my nanny provided me with a better post topic yesterday afternoon. So consider this "Microblog Tuesday."

Dylan and I had a wonderful time during my week off last week. We left right after school Friday for a quick trip to Big Bear, went to the zoo Tuesday, just hung out on Wednesday, and so on. It was a great week. 

When I got home from school yesterday, our nanny said that Dylan was quite disappointed to see her when he woke up yesterday. He was asking for his mommy. (He says "mommy" now...where did that come from? And when he doesn't want to nap it's "Mommy where are you?" over and over and over.)

Her comment made my day : ).