Thursday, December 11, 2014

He's not broken after all!

It turns out the 2 year sleep regression was truly a regression. It lasted about 2 weeks and although I'm probably mushing it by typing it. Sleep in our house is back to normal!

What the regression looked like:

  • fiercely protesting against bedtime
  • bedtime pushing later and later
  • multiple night-time wake-ups (up from a typical zero)
I also have to take into account two viruses and one trip and the beginnings of two year molars that definitely contributed to the difficulties, but his recent language explosion was definitely a factor. He can now tell me "more milk," "more stories," "more sing songs," "outside," "Daddy," etc. Usually, he is rewarding for using his language. Now he's having to learn that just using your words doesn't necessary equal getting what you want.

It was a slow progression of these "mores" and request that led into the full-blown regression for us, but thankfully, it has passed (for the moment).

So here is our current (blissful) routine:
  • After bath and a little tv time (and several countdown warnings), we say goodnight to mommy, daddy, and the dog, get his blanket and milk and go into his bedroom. He knows to shut both doors on the way, to turn the lamp on, light off, and get in the chair.
  • We've are working hard on having Daddy read one book before I come in. He's in a major mommy faze and this is a struggle that we are determined to win. (And we actually keep all doors open and lights on until I come in.)
  • We read a total of 3 books, so I read two additional when I come in. Current faves are: Frozen (duh); Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site; Goodnight Gorilla; Thomas (grr); and Goodnight Moon (yay!).
  • Then we say night-night to the books and say night-night light, turn off the lamp and sing songs.
  • I sing 3 or 4 songs. Currently: "Let it Go," "Silent Night," "Hush Little Baby," and "Lullaby." He's become quite picky about his songs and says "no" if I start singing the wrong one. "Rudolph" is a firm no these days. During songs, he eventually turns over and snuggles on my, often dripping milk onto whatever I'm wearing. (I'll take it.)
  • I give a 5 minute, 2 minute and 1 minute warning for "It's almost time to go in Dylan's bed." The times are extremely loose, but I try not to say 1 minute until it's really time. He often says "no" and sometimes I repeat "yes" over and over, but usually I just ignore. He gets pretty upset when I refuse to get him more milk. Probably because I used to open the door and go get more milk. Now that I'm pretty happy with his weight and food intake and I know for sure that it's a stalling tactic, I'm being totally firm and saying "All done milk."
  • Then I say "okay it's time for Dylan's bed," I push down the foot rest on the chair and carry him to his crib.
  • I pause there and let him lay on my shoulder while I hum one more round of lullaby.
  • Then, I tell him I love him and to sleep tight.
And for the past 3 nights, there has been no peep and no night-time wakings. We've even gotten bedtime back to a little before 8:00. It feel amazing and I hope hope hope it continues!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful routine! Thank you for posting this as it gives me ideas for the future.