Thursday, December 4, 2014

Struggling with bedtime

We are going through some kind of sleep something over here. It could be the new virus that finally put D on albuterol and got us a pulmonology script. Or it could be the two year molars that are just starting to push their way up. Or maybe it's Dylan's new vocabulary and awareness, but we are struggling. Bedtime at best was right under a half an hour, but lately it's been pushing an hour or longer. And Dylan has a ridiculously strong mommy preference right now and I'm just plain tired!

So last night I was solo-parenting as I do a few nights every month. And usually it's fine because Dylan typically sleeps through the night. But last night I started bedtime at 7 and he wasn't down until 8:45 (way far outside normal). But then he woke up at 12:15 and I was up with him until 12:45. Again not a common occurrence, but happens sometimes. BUT THEN he woke up at 5!!! This has happened twice ever...all in the last two weeks. He typically gets up close to 8. I leave for work at 6:40 at the latest and I get up as late as possible because I hate mornings. But today I was up at 5.

The day went ok, but at 6 pm or so I hit my limit. I'm beat. Luckily Daddy's home tonight. But we still had to figure out a way to have Dylan not freak out that I wasn't putting him to bed. Usually I leave the house, but I was in no mood to sit and wait somewhere for an hour or so. We discussed me pretending to leave then sneaking back in through the garage. But we ended up with the truth. Mommy's going to bed, so say night night. He wasn't thrilled, but I think it made sense to him somehow.

He's not asleep yet, but I hope we both are within minutes. Wish us luck.

Night night.

Oh shit I hear screaming.


  1. We're struggling with some sleep regression now too. How I wish I could see what exactly is going through their little heads so that I would know how to fix it. I think your approach of being honest was very smart. May he sleep through the night again very soon.

  2. This exact same phase happened to us about a month or so ago. I still don't know what started it but I'm pretty sure i made it worse by caving in to the situation. We seem to be thru it now but OMG I feel your pain - I wish you luck in getting back to normal! I like the Mommy going to bed idea - wish I had thought of that!

  3. I'm sorry I know that it's not funny, but I did have to laugh at your last sentence. Hopefully the screaming only lasted a minute and you both were able to get some sleep. I don't have any advice as my daughter is younger than Dylan, but I hope that he is back to sleeping through the night soon!

  4. Oh no. That sucks. I think you're doing everythign seems like we go through some sort of sleep regression every two or three months. Right now, D is up every morning by 6:30. I think he's just an early riser, honestly, but I think what you're experiencing is just a blip. I hope it passes soon--for your sanity!