Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Weeks

I don't know what it is about having 3 babies in me, but I think I'm a little less worried than other "infertiles" are during the first trimester.  I guess I feel like I have back-up?  I totally understand that there are still many risks tough and that I'm not in the clear.

I also want to clarify things a bit.  The main reason I am relieved about currently having triplets instead of quads is that I feel less like a science experiment.  It was a really weird, alien feeling, knowing that there were 4 babies growing inside of me.  (I'm just being completely honest.)  When you say "triplets" to people, they get it.  Quads are so rare that it immediately makes people think of ART (which is true) but I'd like to only let selected people know.  I may have referred to the babies as aliens...

We have one more ultrasound with the RE next week on Thursday.  I still need to make a regular OB appointment.  I don't know why I'm slacking!  But I think they'll see me pretty much right away too.

There are also still a lot of risks with this pregnancy.  We will find out more about the identical twins in the coming weeks, but if they share an amniotic sac, there is a major risk of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, where nutrients are unequally passed between twins.  If one twin has problems, it can affect the other since they share the same placenta.  (Don't quote this summary.  This is only basic, basic research which has formed my current understanding.  Still need to read more.)

We are still hopeful that nature will decide our course, but we will still look into selective reduction in order to insure the best odds of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

*     *     *     *     *

Symptoms:  Nausea has been horrible this last week, but either I'm getting used to it, adjusting my eating, or it's getting a little bit better.  I still feel some degree of bad, usually combined with a headache, most of the time.  Still no puking though.

My tastes have definitely shifted towards healthier foods (for the first month I was craving hamburgers and hot dogs.  Now it's mostly fruit and peanut butter and jelly.

I get muscle spams in my abdomen when I cough if I'm laying on my side.  It's weird.  I'm feeling definite changes in my abdomen.  My muscles are tight and I feel the need to stretch a lot.

My boobs actually seem a touch less sore (or I'm getting used to it).  But they're definitely larger (though not a cup size yet.)

I also feel less like I'm bloated, and more like I'm just bigger.  It's annoying, but more comfortable I guess.

And I'm really, really tired all of the time.  

*     *     *     *     *

I'm also at an insurance crossroads.  Insurance really has been such a bitch!  I first switched as of January of this year to the plan that included infertility coverage up through IUI.  BUT...I had already started with my RE and we just continued through him (out of pocket) so there was really no point in switching.

Now...I'm laid off (as I mentioned here and here).  Last year the school district extended health benefits through the summer (although I was not affected last year).  I kind of assumed they'd do the same this year, but they are not going to.  My benefits end on June 30th.  


If I do COBRA, it's $900 a month.  FU school district and health insurance companies.

I can switch to my husband's insurance, but technically you are supposed to enroll 1 month before the plan becomes effective.  Luckily he works for a small company and can get benefits started on July 1st.  It will cost about $550 a month.  BUT I have to switch hospitals again.  It'll be back to my old HMO system which is familiar, but it's just frustrating that I'm going to have at least one appointment with 1 doctor, then switch to a new doctor.  But at least I have a husband and I have that option.  So many of my single friends are going to roll the dice...

There are only 2 doctors in my region that do selective reduction.  So I'm sure that won't be covered either (if it's necessary).  I guess we'll see though.  

I'm planning for our kid to be a golf tour pro.  They make a lot of money. : )


  1. I love that you are so positive and rational right now. I offer nothing but hope, hugs and support for you, Mr. GG and the babies. The insurance situation is no fun - stupid school district and insurance companies. I want to hit them for you.

  2. Ooooh... I HATE the CA education system for doing that to you and so many others. It's such an awful feeling not knowing your job status through the summer, and losing insurance benefits is just unacceptable.

    So glad to see you taking each step with a hopeful heart- it's so much to take in and you're truly doing it with grace.

  3. I have been sharing your story with my husband and we are both rooting for you. So glad you were able to find some relief in your appt. Good luck these next few weeks :)

  4. LOL at the golf comment, totally go for it ! We're going for it too. Just wanted to let you know, that even with triplets and twins, people will always think of ART first, it's not reserved to quads anymore. ironically enough, my friend wiht naturally conceived twins gets asked every time, and me, with ART singleton, never lol ....

  5. I HATE insurance and cobra. Hopefully you get everything figured out soon! I agree with you and hopefully nature will figure this all out for you. Hang in there!

  6. Mon is right - just fraternal twins are enough to make people think of ART. And those who understand very little about twins will even think identical twins are due to ART! But those people are just stupid. Anyway, triplets will be much easier on your body than quads, I think. It is nice to know that they reduced on their own. I hope they stay healthy. And that sucks about your insurance! It always seems to me that when cutting off your insurance, people should give you some time to get important appointments made, although in your case that wouldn't have helped much.

  7. Love your golf comment! DH and I are avid golfers and we're counting on our little girl to enter the much easier than the PGA. :) Hope your insurance issues get settled soon. You certainly don't need any additional stress right now. Take care!

  8. Just wanted to chime in with support. I posted before that I was pg with twins from IVF, and while we are thrilled about the "double trouble" I would, without a doubt, not go ahead with triplets. I don't envy you the choice you have coming up should they not reduce naturally, but whichever option you choose, I will admire you for it. There is nothing clear or easy about this.

  9. Dr. Ginsburg (spelling?) out of Chicago did my selective reduction when we were pregnant with quads.