Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Bought at the Store Tonight

Literally.  That's what this post is about.

I took a 3 hour nap, then woke up hungry.  Sleep.  Eat.  I'm practically a baby myself.

My husband likes normal food and I like random things.  And especially lately, I have a really hard time deciding what to eat.  But every once in awhile I have a flash of knowledge.  Tonight's was "I want artichokes!"  But Mr. GG doesn't like artichoke.  And I couldn't figure out anything to make both of us happy, so I just bought whatever I felt like at the store.

Here's my list:

  • Cool Ranch Doritos - I've always liked these, but I don't eat them often.  I've been on a salt fix recently.
  • Salsa Verde - I really wanted tamales the other night, but couldn't find any.  I LOVE salsa verde. I don't have anything to put it with...didn't even buy tortilla chips, but I have it.
  • Lots of Fruit: nectarines, cherries, bananas, juice
  • Orange Gatorade - I constantly have a headache.  I think I'm drinking enough, but it's really hard.  So I bought some Gatorade to supplement.
  • Red Licorice - I really wanted one (from the self-serve canisters) but I didn't want to steal it, so I made a small bad.  I ate one anyway, so it's basically the same difference.
  • Tropical Jelly Beans - I ate these while I shopped.  Sometimes I really just need sugar.
  • Milk - Organic 1%.  I'm still newly in love with ultra-pasteurization.  It lasts forever!
  • Cereal - My Kashi Go Lean was too expensive at my store, so I got Grape Nuts which I haven't had in forever and a bran flake cereal.
  • Vanilla Yogurt
  • An Artichoke - Of course!
  • A loaf of french bread
Pretty random, right?  None of this really goes together to make an actual meal.  But I guess it's there now if I crave it!

I have my first ultrasound with the perinatologist tomorrow...10 weeks.  I'll update afterwards.

Still planning to reduce in a couple of weeks.  I'll write more about that when I'm up for it.
Pretty random, right?  None of 


  1. Congrats on 10 weeks! I am also in love with ever-lasting organic milk, but I'm addicted to it, so it goes pretty fast anyway:) It's good shit!!!!

  2. Gotta love pregnancy cravings! When we went out to eat one time while I was pregnant, I got apples, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw! The waitress looked at me kind of funny :)

  3. I love your shopping items! It sounds like ones I've had at times. Sometimes, buying what we need/want at the moment is the only way to go. Although, I hope you both found something to eat last night. :)

  4. I am with you on the salt and fruit. I've had something salty everyday, which is unusual for me, because we don't really have snacks around the house and I've had to go out and buy things at lunch.

    I'll be sending you lots of good vibes for your appointment. I hope everything goes well and that they directly address all your questions. Good luck!

  5. Good Luck tomorrow at the Ultrasound.

  6. Sounds about like my grocery store excursion.
    I'm really into juice boxes - the oragnic ones, they seem to have less sugar.
    I'm so sad I would LOVE to enjoy chips, but they all taste awful to me.
    And prior to this I was the biggest chip-a-holic EVER! LOL

    I'm so happy everything is going good for you!!


  7. My pantry is stocked with gatorade but I can't say that its really helping the OHSS. I'm still bloated but I keep drinking it. I recently discovered Kashi cereal (I was a serial special K eater before).

  8. Visiting from ICLW- Congrats on your BFP and good luck with the next steps...

  9. bhahahaha!!! you're frig sounds like one of those horrible cooking shows, oh yeah, "chopped", where they give the contestants all kinds of foods that don't go together...

    "tonight i've prepared for you a crispy jelly bean pie made with crushed crust of cool ranch doritos, and a savory yogurt and artichoke cream topping."

    hahaha, gross!!!

  10. The cool ranch doritos sound AMAZING! Well so does the french bread. I am on a major carb quick but trying to limit it so I don't go overboard. Fruit is another biggie for me, I cannot seem to get enough pineapple, yum!!

  11. Hope your ultrasound goes well. Love your list of foods, so fun!!! Seems like anything goes when your pregnant!!