Sunday, June 3, 2012

My New Sunday

I've been having a slight inspiration issue the last week or so. And when I do get an idea, it's usually complaining and I don't want my blog to turn into that.

 et's just say that so far, it hasn't been exactly "fun" to be pregnant. I am extremely excited and relieved, but I'm not enjoying it yet.

Take a look at my Sunday to see how things have changed.

7:45 - Let dog out. She also gets to come sleep with us for a bit. (Mr. GG is an early riser. I prefer getting up around 9 on weekends. So this wake-up time is a change, but due to the husband and the dog, not the babies.)

9:00 - Actually got out of bed. Mr. GG was nice enough to take Stella for a bike run which left me some peace and quiet. I convinced him not to go to spin today by agreeing to walk to our favorite breakfast spot.

9:15 - Walk a little over a mile to breakfast. Today is marathon day in my city and they run pretty near our house so we walked along the route to breakfast and watched while we ate. (So much easier than actually running! I think I could manage a half one day, but I don't think my joints could handle the full thing.)

Breakfast was delicious like I expected. I'm going to a tell you about it because I'm really into food right now - well some of it. I break the yokes of my over-medium eggs with one of my slices of wheat toast. I've done this since I was little. My mom called it "dunky eggs." Then I make the most delicious open faced sandwich ever. I put both eggs on top of my remaining piece of toast and then add bacon on top (extra crispy). The end product is messy, but delicious! Oh! And I also order 1 pancake on the side to get my sweet fix.

10:30 - Walk home. This portion is almost entirely up very steep hills. I hate hills and my aerobic stamina seems to evaporated to nothing over night. I managed though.

My entire goal for today was to clean the house. I've been putting it off for far too long and have baskets worth of clean clothes that need to be put away.

11:00 - But I was too worn out to clean right when we got home. It seems I need a nap and a meal every 2 hours! I slept until 2:30! (Same thing yesterday.) These quads have got me utterly exhausted!! At least I got. My exercise in.

2:45 - I woke up hungry, but nothing sounded good. That's a new recurring problem. I had a hard enough time deciding what to eat before being pregnant - now it's impossible! So eventually I ate 1 Bonne Bell cheese, a rice cake with peanut butter and jelly (my new favorite) and some lemonade. This lasted something like 5 minutes - then I was wondering when dinner would be ready.

Mr. GG really is an awesome husband and one of my favorite things he does is to make dinner on Sunday nights. I usually am really stressed on Sunday nights planning lessons for the week and grading papers, so he makes dinner. And he's a good cook! Tonight's menu was filet with grilled veggies and baked potatoes. Yum.

4:00 - I got most of my cleaning done with no less than 4 snacks along the way. Fruit always sounds good so that's just about all I got at the grocery store. I watched Holmes on Homes while cleaning. Love that show!

7:00 - We FINALLY eat! Damn baked potatoes take so long! I really can't handle not eating right now (not that this was a strong point earlier in my life). I get a headache, get tired, cranky - it's just a mess.

8:00 - Now.

I really do think that the tiredness and incessant hunger is a result of the quads. I'm also definitely getting some nausea and aversions. I basically feel some version of bad all the time. I'm hoping it won't last forever and I'm definitely glad that school is almost out because it's hard to function at work.

I've been doing a lot of research on quads and selective reduction so I'll be sharing that controversial info soon. Yay for comment moderation!

Lastly, thanks for sharing my news with LFCA whomever did so! If you are here from there, welcome!  The next fews months are going to be quite an adventure!


  1. Here from LFCA today but I originally found your blog through the ICLW list for this month!

    I can't imagine being pregnant with quads! And I also cant imagine being faced with the extremely hard decision you and Mr. GG have to make now. Please know we are all here with support and love no matter what decision you make!

  2. I am loving lemonade right now!!!
    We have gone through so many containers of country.time its sad.
    But it's soooooo good!!!
    I agree food is hard to find satisfying these days. Nothing sounds good to me, except fruit.
    I read that watermelon is really good for us knocked up folks. And very hydrating!
    Thinking of you lots!!! And those 4 beans!!


    1. Good think watermelon is my absolute fav fruit and that's it's summer! (Well almost.) I'm keeping a steady supply on hand.

  3. I can't seem to get enough koolaid! I'm also glad to know that I am not the only one with clean clothes that need put away.

    1. I always have clean clothes lying around! I get so happy that I actually did my laundry...then I lose on follow-through.

  4. Just wanted to wish you all the best and, along with everyone else, continue to let you know that you have a lot of support out here! You deserve to enjoy your pregnancy no matter what the circumstance, so I hope that you are in that place soon. And, I think your story will be helpful for a lot of families, so thank you for continuing to be open about it.

    1. Thanks - I always consider leaving terms out to avoid google searches, etc. but there is so little actual information on the issue that I'd like it to be out there. I appreciate your comments.

  5. I hope you aren't getting unhelpful comments :( You know that whatever you decide will be right. That's just the way it is. I hope people are respectful of that.

    Now, I'm craving overmedium eggs and toast. I was happy with my salad and lentils for lunch before I read your longer :)

    1. I've actually only had 1 anonymous person post twice (before I put on comment moderation). Everyone has been great so far, but I'm just worried as it gets closer and closer to decision time.

  6. I'm here from LFCA and am finding your new journey absolutely fascinating! I've added you on my blogroll and look forward to seeing how this all pans out! :)