Friday, February 22, 2013

Maybe, Just Maybe

Let's get back to our regularly scheduled posting...

Dylan just took 95mls of Enfamil AR formula!

Now the irony is not lost upon me that I am pumping as I type this while he chugs away on formula, but if it's the answer, I'll take it!

His previous record was 70mls of breast milk set last night. He beat it by almost an ounce!  His 3 hour minimum is 67 and 4 hour minimum is 88.  I do think be could potentially do the same with breast milk, but the AR is thicker which prevents bradys so I am perfectly happy with trying it for now. I will probably try to go back to breast milk after we get home.

The key was letting him "sleep eat" over about an hour. Both times he took. 30-40 immediately, then pooped out and fell asleep. When I heard him smacking his lips, I laid him on his side and kept going.  It totally worked and didn't seem to use too much energy.

My nurse almost cried. (She's my favorite...she treats Dylan like he's her own son.) when I told some other nurses at the station they cheered out loud, one raising her hands in the air :).

Surgery is still set for Wednesday just in case but maybe, just maybe...


  1. Kudos to you for re-focusing on the important things! It is unfortunate that others have chosen to focus on the negative, but clearly your attention is better spent on your son. That is great news about his feedings! Hoping and praying that the transition home goes smoothly, whether or not that includes a g-tube.

  2. How exciting! I've got all my crossables crossed that he continues!

  3. I have everything crossed for you! You're so close! Come on Dylan you can do it little buddy!

  4. This is wonderful news!!! Has anyone mentioned thickening your breast milk? The enfamil AR formula has added "rice" you could do the same thing with your breast milk to give it the same consistency. We've done this with our patients. Something to think about since you've worked SO hard with pumping! I hope that surgery is cancelled! Fingers crossed and WAY TO GO DYLAN!

    1. Thanks for your input! We did use rice cereal about 3 weeks ago and it was too hard for him to eat. His volumes went down to the 20's. I'm not sure if the formula is really making a difference or if it's just time.

      I'm down to 4 pumps a day which is nice and I'm still getting about 30 ounces. Hopefully he'll be eating it again soon, but if not, I'll be ok.

  5. Small victories my dear. Celebrate them all. I am sure he is just getting stronger and will continue to eat more and more.