Saturday, February 2, 2013

Treading Water....Drowning

Everything went really well at first.  Dylan took 32 then 42, then 45 with an extra 10 an hour later.  He took between 30 and 40 overnight and in the morning.  That, according to the doctor, was treading water.

Then I got there and he just pooped out.  He took 28 for me at 11:15, then like 30 total for the rest of the day.  That's not enough to keep the tube away.  He even had a dry diaper : (.

I think it's just that he had a ton of energy yesterday from all of his calories, but didn't eat enough to sustain his energy level.

The day was really emotionally exhausting, but I'm ready to get the tube back in so he can get back to eating these new great amounts.  I know he has the ability to eat.  I even heard a new hungry cry which was kind of cool.  But he's definitely not quite ready yet.

I've decided to skip my BFF's Super Bowl party tomorrow.  I could handle baby showers while struggling to get pregnant, but I don't want to deal with people's questions tomorrow.  Or watch them fawn over her perfect month old daughter.  Love her.  But just don't want to deal.

I spent 11 hours at the hospital yesterday and 6 today so I'm taking a break tonight and will still go watch the Super Bowl somewhere tomorrow...

I really appreciate knowing that Dylan has so much support out there!


  1. OH honey! I'm so sorry...It's so hard when they slide back but it does happen. I hope he gets the tube and then proves the Neo's wrong...As a nurse this is heart breaking for my patients, but I can't imagine it from the mom perspective. HUGS! And know I'm pulling for Dylan. I hope he gets to lose the tube for good soon!

  2. It really is a two steps forward 1 step backward process until literally the minute you leave those doors for the last time. I'm sorry that this was not Dylan's time but like you said, it will come! He can do this! And the progress really isn't linear. When it picks up, it picks up fast. You are so good about self care and knowing what your limits are. I really need to learn this from you! Hope you have a peaceful night and day tomorrow. You deserve it. And while you take care of yourself, Dylan will be happily growing stronger so he can come home! *huge hugs* to you

  3. Still praying for Dylan, you, and Mr. GG. Do take a little time for yourself today. You deserve it! You're doing everything that you can and then some. Sending y'all lots of love and well wishes today. Hopeful that Dylan will cooperate/tolerate his eating so he can go home soon.

  4. You are doing such a fantastic job with Dylan. He has all the support he needs to beat the goals set for him and excel. I know he will do it!

  5. so sorry you had a tough day. The hungry cry is a great sign though! He will get there!! Go Dylan!!!

  6. Haven't commented in a while but have been keeping up with updates and just wanted to say I'm praying for you and your little guy!