Friday, February 8, 2013

When it rains...

You know the rest.

Having a preemie in the hospital for four months (yes, it's been 4!) would be enough.

But on Thursday, our one-year old puppy is having knee surgery.  She hurt her knee a few months ago.  The  vet we went to said we could wait awhile before doing surgery so we planned on doing it after Dylan was home so that we could be home with her.  But our usual vet saw her last week and said that we should have done the surgery immediately.  Thanks.  I already feel terrible enough that her knee-cap keeps popping out.  So is on Thursday.  Happy Valentines Day Stella!

But wait...there's more.

We have termites and have to tent the house.

My mom found the droppings last week when we were getting our bedroom ready for Dylan.  Our inspection was today and it wasn't good.  We are rushing to get it done before Stella's surgery and before Dylan comes home.  So it looks like Monday will be spent getting all of our food and baby stuff out of the house.

It's almost funny at this point, but I'm also just kind of in awe of it all.  What is next?

I'm so full emotionally dealing with Stella and Dylan that I just don't have room for caring about the termites.

Fuck it.


  1. well these things come in threes, right? preemie, puppy, termites. so hopefully you're done.

    good luck with everything. do try to laugh at it. you've been through a lot. i'm sure you can handle whatever comes your way. best wishes....

  2. Ugh, I'm so sorry sweetie. Thinking of all of you (except the termites)!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's a lot to handle at one time! Hang in there, and by this time next week no more termites and a pup on the road to recovery. (Sorry, I'm a new reader so I'm not sure when your sweet baby Dylan is coming home. But as a former nicu mommy myself, I know the roller coaster all too well)

  4. Yuck, all at once? That sucks. Hopefully once you get through this hurdle, it'll be smooth sailing for ALL the babies! x

  5. We had termites right before our twins were born! Didn't need a tent but still a HUGE pain and expense, hang in there!

  6. Dear Universe, Please find different people to bother! These guys have had enough! (btw are you doing orange oil treatment? you may not have to move too much out as i hear it's toxin free.)

    1. I asked about orange oil, but it's only a spot treatment and doesn't protect the whole house so we are tenting. I don't want a worse (more expensive) problem later.

  7. Oh man what a mess. You certainly don't need any of these other worries in top of Dylan still being in the NICU. I hope that the surgery and the termite problem are well taken care of by the professionals and that you don't have to worry.

  8. Wow! That's insane. You're right, though, it does tend to all crop up at once. Let's hope it is OVER after these issues.