Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We made it.

Last week was one of the hardest weeks I've ever had, but it's over now and everyone is still alive.

And Saint Patrick's Day better be awesome this year because so far our holidays have sucked big time.  Dylan's surgery was on Halloween and Stella's was on Valentine's Day.

I have always loved Valentine's Day, but here's a snapshot of this year:

Me: I got you a card.

Husband: I got you a card too.

Me: I didn't sign it though.

Husband: Me Neither.

He did get me roses though : ).

Stella was a mess on V-Day.  I seriously thought she was going to have a panic attack that night.  The vet told us that we need to crate her for 8 weeks basically all of the time!  This is a one-year old crazy puppy dog!  Luckily on Friday she was doing much better and she has already had a lot of practice on 3 legs, so we are crating her when we are gone (mostly) and letting her do her thing, with the cone on, the rest of the time.

Here are the before and after pics:

Dylan is doing pretty well too.  He took another full feed last night and then right after took all but 6mls.  He severely lags in the early morning but I'm hoping that's because he wants to sleep through the night for me when he gets home : )!

If you are reading the other blog, you know that we are looking at a g-tube if he doesn't get up to where he needs to be in the next week but no matter what happens, he should be home very soon.

Here's his latest cute pic.  He's starting to know that he's cute! : )


  1. Ha! Look at that smile! Flirting with the camera!

  2. Poor Stella. Glad she is doing better. He is such a doll what a happy face!

  3. Sorry about Stella - we had to do the same thing with our Lab when he was a year old and it was crazy trying to keep him "calm"! I'm glad you get to bring Dylan home soon though - such a cutie!

  4. He's so adorable. I am so glad he will be home with you soon. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have him in the hospital for so long.

  5. God he is cute!!!

    I just saw this in our little trade journal and thought of you. I don't know if it's helpful at all, but thought I'd pass it along anyway:


    1. Thanks Lisa, that article is great. I only wish I had it to read at the very beginning. I've had support of OT and horses, but I don't think enough value was placed on the effects of maladaptive feeding behaviors. I definitely read his cues and pause, but I don't think we did enough to make feeding a positive experience right from the beginning. I hope a lot of work can still help the situation.

  6. Get well wishes for Stella.
    Dylan definitely looks like he knows he is cute, and rightly so!