Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Money Talk: IUI Cost

I was inspired to write this post after reading an old post at A Miracle in the Works.  When I was considering whether or not to go to an RE (on my own dime) I really wanted to do proper research and figure out how much everything would cost.  It seems that most of the published information is regarding IVF, but I just wanted to know how much and IUI would cost.  It was really frustrating and I didn't get very good information.  Also, it looks like the price varies quite a bit from clinic to clinic, but here's my story. 

(I think I got a pretty good deal!)

FYI: I go to a private clinic in Southern California.

My initial consultation was $275 and we met with one of the primary doctors for about 45 minutes.

We decided to move to a Clomid cycle next and I had to buy some pills, all purchased at my favorite place, Target.

Clomid +
200 Folic Acid 1 mg pills +
3 50 pill bottles of Low-Dose Aspirin (Target brand), $23

I did not have to do any additional blood work and my initial Day 3 blood work was covered by insurance.  Shocker!

Mr. GG had to get tested for STDs.  These 5 blood tests are required by law before an IUI.  I'm not sure yet whether or not it was covered.  Will come back and edit if it was not.

I also needed OPKs to check for my surge.  I got a Clearblue Easy Digital 7 pack on sale at (you guessed it!), Target, for $18.

My clinic has a package deal for a Clomid IUI cycle of $505 which includes:
  • 1 ultrasound (on CD11) 
  • 1 office visit (I guess this is the IUI visit?)
  • 1 interuterine insemination (top of uterus)
  • 1 intracervical insemination (one additional syringe of the sample into the cervical fluid).
It also included the sperm wash for the sample.

If I would have needed a trigger shot, that would have been $90, an additional office visit with ultrasound would have been $275, and an additional IUI a day later was $205.

So our grand total for Clomid IUI cycle #1 is less than $1000; $546 without the inital consulation, $821 with.  I was really surprised!

I really hope that if you need to do an IUI that you can find reasonable services, but I know that other places charge closer to $2-$3,000.

We could have waited until January to have this covered by new insurance, but after we spent the initial $275 to check out this office, we decided to stick with them because I felt so comfortable and well-taken care of there.

Hope this helps some of you!

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