Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanks and Please Vote!

I want to take time out from the TTC blogging for a second to thank all of you who come and visit me everyday!  As my readership has grown, I've really been inspired to come up with new and better ideas and make this blog really worth reading.  It's been an amazing distraction to blog instead of spending hours looking for comforting tid-bits about "early pregnancy" on Google!

I submitted my blog to be included on the Stirrup Queens blogroll and while rummaging around the site, came across the Creme de la Creme Blog Awards. 

I want to submit an entry, but after reading through a bunch of posts last night, I just couldn't decide.  I will also be totally honest and tell you that I found a type in each and every one!  Bad English teacher!

So if you would be so kind as to vote for your favorite entry (poll on the right), I would greatly appreciate it!

Lots of love!!!

Mrs. Green Grass

Don't worry, will update on this month's progress soon.  No news is good news, right?

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