Monday, October 17, 2011

6 DPO Update

The first week of the Two Week Wait (TWW) is the one where you start making up symptoms even though it's too early to really have any. 

"Honey, I'm really tired, maybe it means I'm pregnant."

"Honey, that ----- smells really disgusting,
maybe I'm pregnant?"

"Sorry I'm so irritable honey, maybe I'm pregnant..." : D

Over the last week I've had one nagging issue that is out of the ordinary for me: really sore muscles and joints.  I play soccer about three times a week so I am used to being sore.  But this week has been different because the lower body muscle fatigue was unnconnected to days I had played soccer.  It was like I literally did not want to stand or walk.  Then last night, my back and shoulders hurt like crazy, more tension than fatigue, but I hadn't really done anything to cause it.  So that's my phantom-symptom of the month!

Six dpo is the turning point though.  Last month, when I actually got pregnant, extreme exhaustion occurred on 6 and 7 dpo and spotting started at 7 also.  So I'm transitioning to possibly real symptoms : )  And I do realize that many ladies have no symptoms until after they find out their pregnant, but where's the crazy-fun in that?

Today I also have nearly egg-white CM.  I learned a few dozen google searches ago that this is caused by an estrogen surge about a week after ovulation (sadly, not a sign).

My temp was on the slightly low side for this half of the cycle (97.6) but I blame DH for throwing our normal comforter away, leaving us with one thin blanket.  I was FREEZING all night!

Where are you ladies at in your cycles?  Any promising signs of your own?

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